Christmas parcels for Afganistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by simp, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. A few questions really...
    Last year myself and colleagues sent Christmas parcels to British squaddies in Afganistan.
    Was the postal service inundated with parcels and did they get to their destinations? Did anyone receive parcels from members of the public? Were they well received? Is it worth doing again? What would your average squaddie like for Chrimbo (given the postal limitations and alcohol/porn ban etc?)
  2. Bad CO

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    I was on HERRICK last year (Xmas 07/08) and we got lots of parcels from a variety of organisations and individuals (but mainly Support Our Soldiers). Although there were some issues with logistics, i.e finding room on helicopters to get them into FOBs, they made a real difference to everyone in theatre. It almost doesn't matter what is in them as it was great to know that people at home cared.
  3. I was outside Musa Qal'eh over Christmas, and although it was a drama to get the parcels to us, we did get some, even there. As far as I am aware we all wrote to everyone who incuded their address, for those who did not we were glad that we were in the thoughts of those at home. The gifts were all well received and usually well thought through!

    It was a huge issue for the post system and it took a number of months before it got back to normal. I would hope that the powers that be take the increase in postage into account this year.

    I would advocate doing it through "Support our Soldiers" and their suggested list is worth following. It is definitely worth doing and my kids will do it this Christmas. My only observation is that perhaps we should do this all year round?
  4. I also used Support Our Soldiers last year to send two parcels:

    I know at least one arrived 'cos I got a really nice letter of thanks, which was both unexpected and welcome.

    I will definitely be doing it again this year, and even getting my two little girls to create something to send on a separate basis (I think you can make up your own parcels and put cards inside them to send through SOS - I will have to double check that).
    Of course we care and are prepared to show it too. Even in this small way.
    Keep up the good work everyone and make sure you stay safe out there, wherever it may be. :clap:
    And whatever you do, don't listen to that fcuker Emperor Mong. You know it makes sense. :D

    Edit to add:
    Do you know I have no idea why not? It seems like a bl00dy good idea to me.
  5. My bold.

    Much appreciation to those who have, and continue, to send parcels and letters to the serving and deserving (myself included :wink: ) THANK YOU.

    and definitley worth doing through "Support our Soldiers", as the poster suggests. :D
  6. I sent a rather large number of parcels to 40 Cdo. I raised some funds down the pub but paid for about half myself.

    I got thanked by the local lad whose BFPO we used but nothing from the unit. I'm sure they had more important things to think about.

    Another local lad is in IRAQ. He says that his unit is banned from receiving most parcels because people have been sending vodka in shower gel packets :?

    Any ideas?
  7. I know that 40 Cdo did attempt to write to everyone who included an address. If you were missed, I am sorry on behalf of the Battlegroup, a belated many thanks. However, as you point out, we were rather busy!

    As for being banned from receiving parcels, I doubt it very much!
  8. 307

    307 War Hero

    I'll be in Iraq over christmas so feel free!
  9. Mine were the ones that came in waterproof plastic boxes marked A B C D etc depending on contents, with laminated TAMS inserts supplied in advance to the TQs to aid distribution. ;)
  10. So those were the ones with G-strings for C Coy! :wink:
  11. See PM!