Christmas No1 are you buying it?

So former waitress Victoria Hart, who sang for the stars at a Cannes party hosted by George Clooney, is joining the battle for Christmas Number One.

The 19-year-old jazz singer has recorded a cover of Santa Baby with The Household Guards Division Big Band at the Wellington Barracks.

BBC link

Never seen her before:

So will you buy it? it would be the first time this type of charity record has done it!


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Isn't it between
X factor and there drivel
Wogan and Aled Jones little drummer boy - Children and need
Rolf Harris Two little boys - RBL

Looks like she better get back to wiping tables


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1stgulfmac said:
Ah but this is not HFH or RBL both those records have gone. So on now for the ABF ! I heard the Wogan thing and its pants. So would you buy it?
nope but frokm what they say on the radio plenty will by Wogans record
I though Rolf was just re releasing it

At least the money will go to chari dee one way or another
And if it stops the bloody x factor that can't be a bad thing

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