Christmas messages.

The glut of cheesy cheerful messages on Farcebook is getting right on my tits, so here's my latest update...

"Just so everyone knows....

Every time someone I actually know wishes me "Happy Christmas" or "Merry Christmas", or similar, in person, I am going to punch a puppy!

Strangers only rate punching a kitten.

I hope this won't affect my job at an animal sanctuary!"

So, let's see your efforts to persuade the overly happy at this time of year that their efforts are really better spent elsewhere!

In 3...2...1...
Happy Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Christmas!

Got many puppies left?
Merry Christmas!
What about puppies who identify as kittens?


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Blow it out yer arrse.

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