Christmas Message

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Next_to_the_Tank, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. The Director sends his very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all serving and ex-members of the Corps and your families.

    (And Merry Christmas from me too!)
  2. Despite not being a member of 'the Corps', Storeman Norman says thanks Director and wishes you and yours a Proper Crimbo.

    (Is this nuts or what?)
  3. so, no individual cards this year then? :)

    MOD budget cuts i suppose...

    merry christmas everyone. yes, even you Slightly_Nasty ;)
  4. NTTT I am sure that I am not the only one vaguely interested to know if you are "working from home" this morning, or if the Dirctorate still had sufficient autonomy to decide when it could switch the lights on and off?

    And please accept reciprocal seasons greetings on behalf of all members of the phantom on-line branch
  5. Sub - the year's not over until we have done mince pies and port courtesy of the Corps Lt Col :D It would be rude to leave before then!
  6. Met the INT director not so long back ...JOLLY NICE CHAP.
  7. Or the Officer's Mess bar tab has been running over...

    Port anyone? :D
  8. Just a small flagon please G2LB! The old gout is playing up again!
  9. How is yer missus these days anyway, Digital geek?
    Fer chrissakes, don't tell her I said that.

    :) :) :)
  10. I would just like to add my Seasons Greetings to all Corps members and look forward to a prosperous 2007.
  11. She is absolutely fine. Off modelling Yak skin underwear again in Debenhams. For chrisssakes dont tell her I said that!!

    Happy Chrimbo Mate!

    :D :D :D :D
  12. I've got a Christmas message!

    Whoever is the Duty Operator/Officer the Sy Sect of the AOR covering Cpl Daniel James' TA Det...


    But seriously have a great Christmas and enjoy interviewing his boss.
  13. _ _ / ./ ._. / ._./ _._ _

    _._./ …./._. /.. /… /_ /_ _ /._ /…

    . /…_ /. /._. /_._ _ / _ _ _/_. / .

    And that’s at 18 wpm!
  14. We are not worthy to share the net with one with such a talent.
  15. wouldn't be so cocky mucker. apparently his boss's Xmas leave address is on YOUR patch ;)