Christmas message from the Defence Secretary

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Dec 17, 2012.

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  2. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I think the Defence Secretary is going to be heartened by the forthcoming response in this thread...

  3. TLDR; "Great job lining my mates pockets by taking on the Olympics, and I hear you've been busy somewhere hot and sandy. However, if I could - I'd bin you all. Merry Christmas!"
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  4. I hate to sound unprofessional but I’d completely missed The Right Honourable Philip Hammond MP taking up the reins at MoD. So, in theory at least, one of his men and women is not that capable.

    Please don't; it's only worth one of us being ****ing miserable.
  5. The **** has never served a day in his life so I don't care what he has to say.
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  6. Bit like reading magnolia paint. T'wer it a cardigan it would be beige. Note it could only be a cardigan as well.
  7. He did do consultancy work for the World Bank after a number of non-jobs handed to him by friends/Daddy. So you can see why he is qualified for this job. ****.
  8. I echo the comments above (Fally's in particular). He should leave the paternal/benevolent leader stuff to those people who have earned the necessary respect to carry it off. As an elected politician he may be in charge of the budget, but he will never be the respected leader of servicemen and women that he clearly thinks he is.
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  9. Why do these ********* keep creeping out from the woodwork and opening their worthless gobs to spout meaningless crap just to try to make themselves look credible and sympathetic to the general public. Are they really trying to tell me that they mean it. Biggest load of bollocks I've heard for a while but typical for an MP.

  10. Boring ****.
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  11. I know, it almost seems tongue in cheek when he goes on to list what various Brigades have been up to. I wonder who he pulled in to do that part?
  12. Well thank you Minister, Sir, and a very, very merry Christmas to you too
  13. "You should be proud of what you have achieved in the last 12 months.....
    "This has been another tough year in Helmand province and we should remember......
    "However, we should be in no doubt about the importance of the mission......."

    ...and you should stop being a penis.
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  14. This will get them thinking about how to ignore the masses

    I have set up a petition

    Stop the migration to Bring back the MOD website