Christmas lunch at Elmpt , didnt feel like Christmas.

I know its a bit late , but i might be here next Christmas...:)
They tried experimenting with the traditional British Christmas dinner. I dont call it dinner , it will always be lunch to me . But what it was ,was a sea food pick and eat ,stood up . It was quite challenging trying to drink and eat at the same time , no problem if you had 3 hands.

Where was the Turkey? Obviously a shortage this year !

In future guys , lets please have a sit down. I know it takes a bit longer ,and more drawn out.

I am not a traditionalist by any means , but i am when it comes to my food ...:)


War Hero
Wot! No turkey, goose, chritmus' pud and 6'pence init!

Must have been awful...

Maybe next year they will have a suchi bar and sake....go down great me-thinks with modern soldiers. :wink:
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