Christmas leave.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Benny687, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. My passing off the square and long weekends leave is smack bang at crimbo, if I've worked it out right (sure I have).

    I had assumed it would still just be long weekends leave but have heard otherwise. Anyone know if the leave is longer at christmas?
  2. Sensible head on:

    1. Check your JPA and see if you have been given any "Grant Days".

    2. Ask your clerk - sorry - HR administrator.

    3. Why didn't you just send me an e-mail?

    Hope this helps. 8O
  3. I did my basic during xmas and we were given the afternoon off, which was nice

    Unless one of your directing staff is reading this all you will get is guesswork, suck it and see mate thats all I can say
  4. Havn't even got there yet, no idea what a JPA is or who clerk is yet.
  5. Our unit have left it til the last minute to announce dates for Christmas (again), despite constant nagging by everyone concerned. Once again everyone will have to go online at to book vastly overinflated ferry/flight/train tickets. I love this army sometimes.
  6. Isn't it always 25 Dec? :)
  7. If your in training now you get christmas off! two weeks. Im currently on my long weekend! F*cking MEGA! You will not be training over christmas, garenteed! you break up on something like the 18th and go back on the 5 I think. Enjoy mate. Basics hard work but quality!
  8. ive been in 12 yrs and nnever heard of anyone training over Xmas the policy is that everyone leaves all ATR's and in ITC we make the foreign and commonwealth soldiers go to thier sponsor's house with ref to wellyhead i hink sum 1 is talking poo
  9. That answer my question, nice one!
  10. Not even got there and you're already wanting time off :roll:

  11. The training organisation will already have published the dates for Christmas, and I imagine that most units will want to shut down as many of the barrack blocks as possible in order to save energy costs at an expensive time of the year!

    I reckon most non-operational units will stand down AD (after duties) Fri 19 Dec to FP (first parade) Mon 05 Jan 09.

    My advice comes with a caveat: speak to your Troop Corporal. He should know the dates.

  12. You obviously haven't embraced JPA: first day Sat 20 Dec to last day of 04 Jan. :wink:
  13. Of course, Jemima, of course. Just checking.... :oops: