christmas leave for recruits

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bees, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi I was wondering if you can help me.. I have been given a date to =
    start my
    training at catterick in the end of September. I was wondering if =
    get leave over Christmas period and when does it start and when does it
    finish again. It is just that I have my brothers wedding in South Africa =
    need a bit of clarity
  2. You should get leave for christmas and new year, best bet is to contact catterick and ask them.
  3. do you have a contact number been trying to get one but no luck
  4. Edited after reading a few points.

    Ask your ACIO if the joining Instuctons have come on the system yet for your intake as they will have the right number for the company your going to. You could clarify the proposed dates with them but then wait till youe done abut 4-6 weeks and speak to your Platoon Cpl. Because you wont be a trained soldier at that stage (oly done about 10 of the 22 weeks) I couldnt see you would be on duty over Christmas and if your family have spoken to the staff in the correct manner Im sure thay would help you out.

    Dont go in on day one and mention it straight away though as it might give the wrong impression.
  5. christmas leave last year i broke up about the 20th dec and went back on the 7th jan

    some people will have to work, ie guard duties...
  6. If you look at the calender cmas leave should be the AD 21st dec to FP 7th Jan youre best off asking sooner rather than later if you can go, i would suggest it would be the platoon who have just completed CMSR who would be stagging on thats the equivalent of what other arms do at pirbright so about 12 weeks in. Or perhaps it would be like what happens everywhere else where its whoever fcuks up the most.
  7. at catterick it isnt just whoevers at week 12

    week 10 i done my first stag, after we'd passed our first APWT

    our platoon got about 3 or 4 more guards after that between week 10+24

    its not so bad now though, coz its only 6am to 6pm, them old cnuts with the green berets do the other 12 hours apparently

    we had to do 24..
  8. As you so eloquently put it, "them old cnuts" have probably done 22 years of colour service! How long have you done?
  9. And a few of those old CNUTS are ex RSM's and CSM's so Id watch out what you say to them as a lot of them are old school. :twisted:
  10. ah right, fair play then... i've got respect for them

    we just got told they were civvies authorised to carry arms... ?
  11. am leaving for catterick tomorrow, my j/instructions say i get 21/12-06/01 off, if that helps at all