Christmas Kit Wish List - For the Stan

sniper9 said:
go out with a dose and spend the rest of your tour in hospital, not much fun for you but for the rest of the lads it would be. even better get a dose out thier and be a hero cuz you have have had a shag on tour, just make sure its female
Female. Of course. Wouldnt want people to think you were a pervert, would you!
Top Trumps.
big book of kipling poems so you can inspire every one around you :twisted:
i'm not helping am I :evil:
a book.

Persia in the Great Game by Antony Wynn.

stirring tales of British infuence peddling in the sandier, rockier parts of the world. not technically about afghanistan, but it contains good references and besides, they all look the same. :oops:

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