Christmas Kit Wish List - For the Stan

I'm heading out on Op Herrick early next year and seeing as Christmas is just round the corner, I thought this could be an ideal time to get relatives to purchase the kit that I need but don't get issued...

So I'm looking for suggestions for essential kit to take out there with me.

I've already got a laptop and digital camera that I'll be taking.

Here's looking forward to Christmas...

The biggest knife that you can find. Then tape it upside down to your webbing.
the_matelot said:
A nice laura ashley dress.....
Maybe that is what you seafaring types would take on ops, but I'd be more likely to go for:

StabTiffy2B said:
The biggest knife that you can find. Then tape it upside down to your webbing.
:lol: :lol:

Then again, maybe not, i'm not looking to become some King of Walt here...
Take a bobby pin with you, aparently they are very useful for things like em......holding your hair in a certain position amongst other things. I cant quite remember the other uses but a big boy told me they were very handy, then he ran away.

Start growing the biggest tache you can. Many Afghan men are attracted to clean-shaven blokes, regarding them as potential "special friends", and frankly, that is attention you can do without.
Apparently the midnset of the Afghan villagers is that wonen are for babies and men are for fun. They also regard facial hair as a sign of masculinity and maturity, those without it are seen as a bit nancy and like is said in the psot above well.....could lead to some good intel!
Don't waste your money buying kit. The issued kit is now adequate for the job, if it's not, then complain through the chain of command to get it changed/enhanced. Only this way can we make a difference to what kit we get issued. With everyone buying their own it would give the false impression that everything is ok and the MOD (and Phoney Tony Blair) could safe a fortune by not having to purchase it for us.

Have a look at the Op HERRICK LAND Mounting Instructions (available on ArmyNet) to see exactly what addl kit you can expect to be issued with.
I wasn't talking about things like softie jackets or my own body armour or what have you, I mean more like things to keep me sane during downtime.
A couple of fluffers always keep me occupied during those 'bored' moments..........
A blow up sheep
spare battries for camera . Oh and powerpoint so you can make your own cd roms to send home .Dont know if they were apprecatied at home ,but certainlykilled a lot of time for the bloke who made some and decent headphones . If you like playing medal of ******* honuor waking up to ww11 is not appreciated by other room occupants .
go out with a dose and spend the rest of your tour in hospital, not much fun for you but for the rest of the lads it would be. even better get a dose out thier and be a hero cuz you have have had a shag on tour, just make sure its female

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