Christmas jeer (but no 'sleighing') in Havana

I know its not really true that the Cousins have no sense of irony :wink:, but sometimes you have to wonder:

Cuba returns fire in war of decoration

December 18, 2004 - 9:38AM (Australia)

Cuba today put up pictures of US soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison outside the US mission in Havana in retaliation for US Christmas illuminations highlighting Cuban dissidents.

The decorations war on the Malecon Avenue along the Havana seafront intensified as Cuba ended wargames that have been portrayed as countering US plans to invade. But the President, Fidel Castro, has also met a US delegation that wants to sell $US100 million ($132 million) of much needed food and agricultural products to the communist island.

The Cuban authorities were infuriated when the US special interests section put up Christmas illuminations that had a neon "75" as the centrepiece surrounded by traditional Christmas trees.

The number was a pointed reference to 75 Cuban dissidents detained by the communist authorities last year in a crackdown on the opposition.

The chief US representative in Havana, James Cason, was summoned to the Cuban Foreign Ministry on Monday but refused to take down the decorations.

Cuba responded by putting up a huge billboard in front of the US mission showing the Abu Ghraib abuse images that caused a global scandal earlier this year. The accompanying slogan proclaims: Fascists Made In USA.

Near the public entrance to the building, another image has been put up showing an American marine pointing his rifle at the head of a child under the words: Merry Christmas.

The Cuban authorities have also put up red flags with Nazi crosses emblazoned on them.

The US mission made no immediate comment about the Cuban counter-attack in the propaganda clash, but Washington has made it clear it supports the action of the Havana representative.

"We think it's appropriate, at the holiday season, to remember these people, these people who are missing because of political repression," US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said on Wednesday.

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Another story about Gitmo:

agent smith
It must really feel like Christmas with Castro and Chazas' snow machines.

Makes me want to crawl over to the virtual pub and have a Naffti Cuba Libre' (hold the coke)....heck I'll buy for anyone who has cats with 7 toes!


Let's light up GITMO like GRACELAND!!

Happy Holidaze! Ho Ho Ho Hugo's blow-ho! Fidel and Raul blow too!


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