Christmas is arriving

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BlackHand, Nov 22, 2003.

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  1. Its that time of year again - Goodwill to all men, peace on Earth and all that bollox.

    What do you want Satin :twisted: (sorry - Santa :D ) to bring you ??
  2. Christmas is coming
    The goose is getting fat
    This Krimbo I want to put a 'little extra' in my secretary's tw
    ............End of year bonus
  3. A better attitude towards those in my office..... :roll:
    Failing that a handgun.... 8O
  4. three teeny girls one blond , ginger, brunette and then try them to prove the theory as to which is hottest in bed :lol:
  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mean teenage right???
  6. lol of course :wink:
  7. whow.....itchy finger on RMP weirdo watch hotline now removed....;)
  8. ahh so you have misread it , tsk tsk , reading more into it than you thought
  9. Dirty mind....sorry...... :oops: