Christmas in Iraq - MoD playing Scrooge

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gas Gas Gas, Nov 30, 2003.

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  1. In todays Mail on Sunday they are reporting that the MoD is discouraging British companies from sending extra goodies to the troops in the Gulf. It would appear that they might "overwhelm" the supply chain.

    For what it is worth I sent the following to my MP. It made me feel a bit better.:

    I was dismayed to read the Mail on Sunday's lead report on the ban by the MoD on shipping extra luxuries to the Troops in the Gulf. Assuming that the Mail's report is accurate, it beggars belief that Christmas should come as a surprise to the MoD. The fact that no provision has been made for the “extra” volume of goods can only be down to incompetence and/or deliberate budgetary restrictions.

    I think it is fair to say that the majority of serving personnel have little or no faith in the judgement of the MoD. The failure to properly prepare the Armoured vehicles for Exercise Saif Sareea to “save” money is but one example.

    If the MoD will not reconsider its position, can you please ask the Secretary of State for Defence for his solemn assurance that no public money will be used to finance any Christmas celebrations for any Minister, official or civil servant at the MoD. It would be iniquitous for those working a five day week in safety and only a few hours from their loved ones, should enjoy funding when those for whom they are responsible are denied such lavishness.
  2. 3 G's...........I always knew that you were a 'Mail on Sunday' reader! :D
  3. Totally agree. It's always sad that the lads on the 'front line' have to suffer because the 'suits' in the MoD think that welfare and a bit of comfort is an easy target for some savings.

    I don't know what the ratio of Civil Servants to Troops is? But if you've ever seen Whitehall or a major HQ at knocking off time you'd really wonder. One day they'll realize that they are there to support the troops and not the other way round!
  4. Outstanding G3. More power to your elbow / knee / whatever. If you stand for Parliament yourself - have my vote!
  5. Anyone wishing to follow 3G's lead can write to MPs here:

    It does have some effect. I wrote to my MP about the failure to equip everyone properly before Telic. Even though he's Labour, he sent me a copy of surprisingly strongly-worded letter he wrote to the idiot Hoon, and a copy of the blame-dodging reply.
  6. Thanks for the link. That's bl00dy great. I have a funny feeling that my MP is going to get quite a few faxes in the future.

    It's also nice to be able to check up on him to see what he's said in 'the house' and how he's been voting on different topics.

    Thanks again, take a gold star and go to the top of the calss :D
  7. I think a few hundred copies of similar letters to GGG's sent to all of our respective MP's are in order.

    I sense the Sunday morning hangover sarcasm about to kick in
  8. Surely an luxuries that do get through are then swallowed up by staff officers at Div HQ before the scraps get out to the boys anyway!! 8O
  9. Sorry PP, never happen always has been and always will be, the Troops are there to keep them employed 40 hours a week no more no less.

    Good letter 3 g's.
  10. Can't say I'm surprised.

    The f**kin bean counters won't give us the kit we need, never mind a few festive luxuries.

    Perhaps if a few accountants were given a few six-month 'experiences' in the sh*tholes of the world, we might get a bit more money instead of wasting it on yet another site upgrade in London. :evil:
  11. In the Boar War 1899 every soldier received a small box of chocolate from home. 100 000 tins were sent out. If they had the logistics to do it then why not now ??

    "Might overwhelm the supply chain" - Pathetic excuse, made by pathetic individuals!!!! Get a grip Parliament and charter a ship fill it to the gunnels with goodies and send it out you tight fisted b@stards.

    And do it quickly - prior to Parliament going into recess untill Spring time would be a good idea :evil:
  12. 'Supply chain' = 1 aircraft. From where ever to Basra Intl (sic) Airport. Loaded with Xmas goodies. Reckon Mr Branson might be worth a call. I have some chums who would be delighted to meet said aircraft, unload it and spread the Xmas cheer within the UK AOR.
    So, what about it?
  13. I have sent a fax to my MP about it. that was a good link VB.

    I bet other countries don't have this problem. I could be wrong of course, but for some reason i doubt it..
  14. Love em or hate em , you have to give it to the Ham shanks, if your in the forces south of the 49 here in North America your a God, and that goes for serving and Vets................what ever flag you fought under,............................. err as long as you were in the coalition of course :lol:
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    GGG is spot on. But Plant Pilot you obviously ain't been anywhere near Whitehall recently - 'knocking off time'? yup, that would be about 19.00 most days (including Friday). Don't mind people slagging off the Headshed, but the military people up there work their arses off.