Christmas Holiday for infantry recruits ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MrGrumpy9222, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. Right so I have my ADSC in 3 weeks or so, spoke to my career officer and chances are I'm gonna end up on the December intake for royal irish. If I was to start let's say 10th of December , would the recruits be getting Christmas day off or would we be stuck to in confines of catterick garrison ?
  2. You will be stuck in Catterick and go Carol singing at Old Peoples Homes & be delivering Christmas Meals to pensioners. However you will get one afternoon off and be taken out on a minibus. We were taken to James Herriot's Farm near Thirsk. My Platoon Cdr took me into the Hayshed to 'see some puppies'. It was my best Christmas present ever !!
  3. Don't quite think I'll be looking at any puppies thanks LOL. I suppose it's all to be expected though, I can't ask to come home from tour for christmas, so why would catterick be any different. Bit shite though mind.
  4. Get used to it, saw 2 Christmas's at home out of 9
  5. That's my Christmas dinner sorted then. I'll provide the puppy.
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  6. Shouldn't get nicked Christmas Eve then, should you?
  7. That's my Christmas dinner sorted then. I'll provide the puppy.

    What you not havin a goose this year then?.
  8. hi all, i have been looking and found different opinions about xmas leave..mist saying we have some from 21.12-4.1 ... im off to pribright soon..does it amke a difference where were doing basic?
  9. Yes, Xmas leave has been cancelled at Pirbright, it's all to do with the cuts, but families can drop off prezzies and MPGS promiss not to open them and nick the good stuff, like your bird's soiled undies (as that's the closest you'll be getting to pussy this winter holidays!).
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  10. never quite sure whos bull shit to listen to on here!
  11. Son your getting good advice. Pirbight is not allowing Recruits Home this Christmas but you will be getting a long weekend home Mid January. I have just seen it in writing.
  12. Some of the best Christmas I ever had were spent on ops or in Germany with the guys. There is something very reassuring about getting woken up to drink more, and you first drink of the day being free :)
    If you're on stag however, well, let's just say that certain units have varying standards ;)
  13. Unless you're jewish, jews still get Chanukkah. You must be reading version 1.3 of the Christmas Leave Cancelation Programme Annex A to Chapter 37, while I'm reading from version 1.4.
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  14. Hold on a mo, is this a thread about the those that are not even eggs, let alone crows checking out when they get to go home, before they got there?

    How things have changed. when I was at depot, we had to get up in the morning, at ten o'clock atnight, half an hour before Iwent to bed, eat a lump of cold poison, were beasted for twentynine hours a day up and down the sand hill, and pay HM The Queen for the priveldge, and permission to come to be there. And when we got back to the block, our Platoon Sgt would kill us, in cold blood and dance about on our graves, singing Hallelujah!

    And we where grateful for that!
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  15. Oh, had it easy did you? ******* NIGS ;-)
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