Christmas haul 2019: Let's hear what you got this year!

Socks and drawers, 2 bottles of gin, big tin of wagon wheels, 2 packs of dark chocolate digestives (my daughter, she’s 8, so considerate), the rifle I mentioned in another thread, gift cards from the In-Laws, 6 boxes of various ammunition, a nosh, and a trapped nerve in me neck from falling asleep on the sofa the other night.
Time to take the dog out, he’s starting to get rapey


Book Reviewer


Book Reviewer
So far: Two boxes chocolate liqueurs, standard. New camera which will be deployed later once the "festivities" commence. A new watch identical to the one I already have.

Girldog got a tin of Lily's kitchen Christmas dinner, an uninteresting toy, and a catnip mouse which has been put out of the way temporarily...
Heated grips for the new Honda.
£1000 works cash bonus.
Week in Feurtaventuta, with motorcycle hire in first week of Jan.

Bit gutted, no pants or socks this year, although I'm having dinner with Mother later, so maybe....
Oh I think you will have plenty of ‘socks’ on here to keep you going :D
Seriously, enjoy the day!
Santa gave the offspring norovirus,
so no kids or grandkids round driving me nuts for Crimbo
About 15 assorted corgi, pan, mayflower etc paperbacks, mostly true ww2 accounts to add to my already huge collection, the first printed in 1954 amongst the usual wine, smellys etc. Blessed.
Bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon (very happy camper and will partake thereof later)
selection of artisan pate’s
the usual socks and Grundys
and am awaiting more pressies when my brothers family arrive.
Best wishes to all.
Bottle of Glen Keith single malt. It's a new whisky but rather good.
A fitbit.
Multi-groomer thingy (the hairs on my chest are longer than the ones on my head so periodic topiary trimming is now required)
Case for my Kindle


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To add to my cough.
Perfume, a dress, a unicorn, crosswords, garden stuff for my new garden,

But mostly the unicorn.

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My haul from the wife and kids, still have to go to the parents at 1100.

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