Christmas haul 2019: Let's hear what you got this year!

15 hours of peace & quiet
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I got a six pack of energy drinks in Torn and a crate of Tanglefoot in RL


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Heated grips for the new Honda.
£1000 works cash bonus.
Week in Feurtaventuta, with motorcycle hire in first week of Jan.

Bit gutted, no pants or socks this year, although I'm having dinner with Mother later, so maybe....
Socks, which were really wanted.
Dual dashcam.
COB worklight.
Permission to look for a mig welder in the new year.

Considering I was expecting to spend the day in hospital, a quiet, drug addled Christmas is perfect.

SWMBO got the same dashcam, and a car!

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no f in beer

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Whisky flavoured choccys - Bernard Cornwall's new Uhtred book - First 8 Pratchett books as i rebuild my collection. some nice cheeses and a cheese board. Not sure who i upset, but i got a ticket for Derby v Charlton on the 30th, another 90 minutes getting in the way of a drink with mates

8 year old delighted with Harry potter lego (that is me sorted for a couple of days) - and wife happy with this years choices

All good, the dog had her annual treat of ripping all the paper up and now sat in bed Guarding it !
I was hoping for BREXIT.

Other than that, a large quantity of chocolate, more drink and an unfinished bottle of Jagermeister from last night.

And gift membership of the Tufty Club.
Dog bed full of shite and puke, poor old girl not too well , chose the day well.
Presents (?) later

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