Christmas haul 2018: Best, worst, and most pointless presents - who got what?

For reasons I can't be arsed to go into, I got fuckall this year.

Help me to enjoy the experience of festive acquisition, by proxy, by regailing me with your tales of Yuletide goodies. Also, I'm nosy. :santa:
Enough in the way of fine whiskies to last the year (which is a Good Thing), a bottle of Pol Roger courtesy of the Spectator subscription from Mrs WB (which is edging toward my middle parts now), and the Boy's old 'Fitbit' (he gets a new one) which will go into the drawer until I feel that I need it. And a piece of Falkland Islands mudstone, which I'd asked for from Santa, who made a special trip South for it.
Of all feckin' things, I "gratefully accepted" a bottle of Southern Comfort (the common fake) distilled in France and total shit-in-a-bottle that's never seen Memphis.
It even says on the rear label " None Genuine but Mine" FFS.:mad:
Don't even drink whisky.
Be careful when you (if you) buy this stuff.
It'll come in handy for sauces.
I got a big bag of Celebration chocolates. Nice.
My present to myself was a new (to me) car and an early present last month was an acoustic guitar which I will now have to learn to play.
My wife has had a brain wave this year she got me some Lego as a jokey gift (not the shite kits but the original collection of bricks and bits) guess what I've been doing all afternoon have not had so much fun since I was ten just got to make sure the grandchildren don't nick it now.
Wine and lot's of Carluccio's goodies.

Travel books, 3 out of print books on Operation Avalanche, cook- books.

Lots of Dvds, some quite old, some modern........

My wife loves Christmas, and starts buying presents in the New Year sales, bless her.........


Best the diamond sharpening stick I asked for. next best the waitrose own blend scotch I asked for. Worst the minime bought me a JD hipflask and a miniature. Thats going in the back of the cupboard for the week before payday when I feel a Fijian coming on!
Some other sh1t I suppose.
More socks than the b****t threads (good)

A book about sleep deprivation. Presumably to bore me to sleep when I can't actually sleep.(bad)

Yes that's right. A book telling you how important sleep is given, as a thoughtful present, to someone who does not sleep so well.

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