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Christmas greetings from a proper statesman

Good evening Arrsers

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from Cheri and Myself



Gout Man

Book Reviewer
What a pair of cunts!

Now fuck off!
To think this will have been selected as the best photo to use, i for one would not wish to view the failed ones.
Does it come with a set of darts?


That card looks wrong on so many levels. Are they actually still together, or has their relationship moved to a similar level as the Clintons? Who cares? What about his teeth?
I have to say, if I got one of those cards (it's not going to happen), then I reckon I'd have a case for the worst Christmas present ever received to post in that other thread.


The big picture:-

Which just makes it worse, really.



One sick individual and public menace, universally loathed by a nation for shafting the innocent, seen with Sir Jimmy Saville.
What sort of self important, pompous twat sends a photo of themselves as a Christmas card?.............sorry, stupid question!
ScreenHunter_68 Dec. 02 10.59.jpg
Typical. Trust the Blairs to jump on the Yank bandwagon, just to feed their own egos.......

......And they're late, Halloween was in October FFS.


Book Reviewer
The Twitter feed missed a bit:
Despite her serious efforts at colour co-ordination - red dress, red lips, red jewels
... with his red eyes ...
A photographer once told me that a natural smile lasts for about 5 seconds. Tops. If you wait to take the photo longer the result is always the same as that horror - forced, fake looking with the look of " take the bloody picture" .

Therefore the photographer truly captured the personalities of both subjects.

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