Christmas dinner

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by vinniethemanxcat, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. Just throwing in a few tips....

    Tried some Aldi Maris Piper goose fat roasting potatoes last week.... superb,forget all the peeling try them.

    Bread sauce (make the day before)

    3/4 pt of milk
    1 bay leaf
    15 whole cloves
    15 peppercorns
    1 medium onion, sliced
    Knob of butter
    3 slices white bread with crusts removed

    Add onion, milk and spices in a pan and bring gently to almost boiling, leave on low heat for 10 minutes, then turn off heat, cover pan and leave for 1 hour.

    Reheat to just boiling, then sieve out and discard onion etc, put the milk in a jug, add the butter and mix in the bread, breaking it down to a thick creamy sauce.

    Add salt, then clingfilm and put in fridge, bring out an hour before serving to reach room temperature.


    Pack of sausage meat, or sausages (skinned)
    2 slices of white bread
    Half a bunch spring onions
    1 tbsp dried parsley
    1 tbsp dried thyme

    Whizz the bread into crumbs
    Top and tail the spring onions then whizz in the blender.

    Mix well, add as much as the neck cavity as you can, put the rest inside the turkey.

    Again can be made the day before.


    Another to prepare the day before

    Clean and cut a cross in the bottom of each sprout then leave overnight in a pan of water.

    20 minutes to serving, melt a knob of butter in a large pan, swirl in the sprouts to coat, add juice of 1/2 a lemon, heat up until boiling point, then cover tightly.

    Check after 10 minutes, then every few minutes, the sprouts shold be ready when all liquid has gone, and the sprouts just a little browned.

    Roast carrots

    Saw this recipe, tried it last night, lovely.

    Get medium carrots, top and tail.

    Half them, try to get them all the same length, then cut lengthways into 6- 8 batons.

    Steam them for 5 minutes, when cooled, put in a bowl, add a little honey and move them around with your fingers to coat. (this can be done the day before then the bowl cling- filmed and put in the fridge)

    Around 30 minutes before serving, lay out a half slice of streaky bacon, lay out 6-8 batons on the bacon, then roll it to form a parcel, securing with a toothpick.

    Lay them on a roasting tray, drizzle with a little oil, then roast at 170 until done.

    They look really good, taste great. You could probably do the same with parsnips.
  2. I say, VTMC, can one purchase these wonderful Potatoes from Waitrose, perchance.
    We shop at Waitrose 'cos we is posh and don't really want to mix with the poor folk
    who shop in Aldi/Lidl/Netto and Fat George's shop on Wakefield Rd.
  3. Waitrose is for posh mugs, old bean.

    Just popped in to Aldi this morning, for some milk, spotted 6 8oz sirloin steaks with tomorrow's sell by date.

    Hoovered them up for £2 each, 2 tonight, 4 in the freezer
  4. My daughter cooked sprouts with chopped bacon in them last weekend. Delicious and a nice addittion to what was a pretty scrumptious roast dinner. Not sure how she cooked them though. I'll make inquiries and repost.
  5. Most probably part boiled until just cooked, then sauteed in a pan with the bacon lardons.
  6. Christmas Dinner for me this year will be..Sausage, Chips and Beans, however, Boxing
    Day it will be a full bore feast, Mrs Arters is working all day on the 25th.
    I have been iinvited down to the Care Home where she works but seeing as I am only
    62, I don't want to be surrounded by Old and Crinklies!!

    VTMC is correct, those tatties are brill.
  7. Bit late for the sprouts though, should have had them on at least at the start of August
  8. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sprouts and chestnuts cooked in chicken stock, and the sauteed with bacon lardons . . .for winners
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  9. Christmas dinner at my place will be a week early as I fly to Thailand on 24 Dec.

    We're having a turdeken courtesy of Aldi (in Australia - might be different to Blighty).

    I will now also be doing bread sauce courtesy of vinniethemanxcat - Thanks!
  10. No to roast potatoes do this:-
    Par-boil them, drain, add couple of tablespoons of plain flour to coat.
    Heat fat on hottest setting in oven, add potatoes to fat and cook
    Turn once or twice.
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  11. When roasting potatoes I use dripping as the 'fat' - ******* mint!

    Yep, agree with the par-boiling thingy, also use the roast vegetable seasoning by Masterfoods.
  12. Seasoning should be fine using salt and pepper.
    Rosemary is nice stripped onto roast potatoes.
  13. Fully agree with Pob02 on this, as my other half isn't the greatest of cooks I have followed Jamie Oliver's Chrimbo DVD and the excellent Crib Cards that came with it, although these are somewhat worse for wear now (I knew I should have fabloned them from the start!). The crib cards get you prepped a week in advance with the shopping list and then takes you through most of the prep on Christmas Eve so the Big Day is just about locking yourself in the kitchen, sticking on the radio, cooking everything and getting through a crate of beer or couple of bottles of Vino.

    For anyone stuck with ideas for making Christmas Dinner I would recommend the above...

    If you can get past laughing at Jamie's 'Festive' Jumper on the front cover, you can still purchase from Amazon, click on the ARRSE Home Page, press the Amazon link and search for Jamie Oliver Christmas, the reviews are excellent and that Sprouts, Bacon and Chestnut arrangement is fully explained in the Crib Cards.
  14. BB, Aldi is in Australia, or NSW at least. No floor staff and pack your own bags, so the prices are pretty cheap. They also sell some pretty random shit for a supermarket, I nearly bought a unicycle there until Mrs Filthy advised me to "Wake up to yourself FFS".