Christmas Dinner No. 1

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Gracie, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. Ok .. in common with most people this time of year...Im just about to sit down for my 1st Christmas Dinner.... this will be the 1st of two work related Christmas lunches the 2nd will be on Friday..... Im dreading it... in fact friday Im not eating...just staying in the bar...I couldnt face it ....
  2. Future, past, and present tenses all in one sentence....good work! ;)
  3. :p .... That will be the 3 glasses of wine..... anyway havnt you got work to do...
  4. Probably.......
  5. Im not cooking it!!! in fact Im not eating it as yet... are you two some kind of tag team!!
  6. threes up :)
  7. I've not stuffed a ripe old bird for a while now. Perhaps a good basting is required........starting internally.

    Gracie, would you care for some sausage meat??
  8. Dont you mean Welsh Rarebit?... the answer is still no...dont you normally sod off for Christmas anyway?
  9. Come on you tease, you know you want to try my bread-sauce.......

    I'm not skiing this year. Getting ready to move house.
  10. It will give the Chalet Girls a breather.....
  11. It puts you to the top of the list......I never got my free **** in Hyde Park either!!
  12. Thats because I did go.... Oxford Street was torture enough
  13. so selfish....