Christmas Dinner 2011

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Spanish_Dave, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    What are suggestions (apart from turkey) and drinks to accompany, cooking for 5 including the old man an ex Gunner,
    looking for something a little different bu not to risque
  2. I've been told by the kids I'll be cooking Ham in Coca-Cola again...
  3. I was at Centcom a few years back and had that, ******* Delish!!!!

    Oh, have you thought about wild Boar, cooked in hay, Lurrrrrverllly!!!
  4. Turducken's a nice change from the norm.
  5. Keep it simple, make it last the whole day.......

    Due to the usual family fall outs a couple of years ago, we had last year on our own (no it wasn't our fault )

    A breakfast of creamy scrambled egg, toast and smoked salmon.

    Weather permitting, a good walk, either along the beach, or last year, along the riverbank, then a stroll to Durham Cathedral (we aren't religious, but the choir etc....awesome.)

    Back home, a starter of lobster or prawn with salad ( fiver for enough for 2 at Aldi) get turkey etc ready for about 3, then loaf around a bit, then a nice water ice to freshen up.... bag of frozen summer fruits, can of peaches in juice, can of pineapples in juice, whizz in a processor then put in the freezer, stirring every half hour ( start it when you get back from the walk )

    Unwrap presents about 6, then pudding, then if you've paced yourself well, you can get blootered without any hassle from the missus, and it's been a fairly easy job.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Haunch of venison. Good red wine (a St Emilion or a good Rioja) and a decent bottle of port while the women wash up. A fine cigar with some stilton and some more port. Fall asleep in front of the telly. (Starters and pud if you can be bothered, does it really matter?)

    Followed by 36 hours of eating the left-overs. You know it makes sense.

    (In this household I do the shopping and cooking, so the women do the washing up, before the wise-acres start.)

    Whilst thi venison is cooking (same as beef, 20 mins a lb and 20 over) and while it's done, tha' could 'ave a couple o' these to whet thi appetite:

    - Barnsley Beer Company

  7. Here's my plan for afters: Jaffa cake trifle.

    Sponge, homemade marmalade, Cointreau and chocolate sauce. Discuss.

    In other news, parsnips and carrots roasted in duck fat and balsamic. **** yeah.
  8. All the usual bolleaux, veg, gravy, etc, but at the centre of it all a proper, big roasted free ranged Goose.

    Can't beat it, no news skills to learn, nothing strange that someone might not like, but lovely, lovely, lovely.
  9. I'll be having rice as usual.

    Steam some rice with coconut juice. BBQ some pork. Add pork to rice and fry, Add garlic, onion, chopped carrots, herbs. Add pork seasoning. Hide the monosodium glutamate.

    I don't do it, I get a she person to do it. She also makes a dip out of fermented ginger that tastes just like the sick you get in your mouth when you have reflux esophagus.

    A bottle of Johnny Walker black label with soda water to finish.
  10. Start defrosting the turkey now.
  11. Brussels sprouts should've been on since at the latest 1st May
  12. **** the shops and lining shareholders pockets. Bacon and eggs for me. If some relative wants to feed me for free more fool them.
  13. Saw what must be the easiest ever dish to cook on telly the other day, and would make a good starter. It was a Nigel Slater dish of Chilli prawns. Chuck some prawns in a baking tray, cover them in chilli sauce from a bottle, stick them in the oven for a few minutes, turning once.
  14. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    serve up an octopus, tastes like shit, but at least every one will get a leg..... boom boom.