Christmas Day (Gun Fire)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by defender, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody help i have done a number of christmas day duties in my time and had gun fire each time, but each time it is something differant.

    Is there a proper drink (mixture) for it as this is supposed to be a RA tradition.
  2. Yeah, gunfire. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  3. I think it used to be tea with rum and black powder. Since the rum ration has gone and SHEF precludes the slow poisoning of ones troops I think must units now use tea with a dash of brandy dished out by the CO and RSM on Christmas Day to those on camp.


  4. "Gunfire" was always rum (pusser's initially) and tea with sugar. I don't take sugar in my tea but I always took Gunfire when issued. I have fond memories of an FTX on OTA where rum was issued - it came in great big SRB jars, like the one's you find on the Western Front battlefields. It practically had to be sliced and mixed with tea. In the morning as the thaw came in, the boys were queuing up to drink the cold "tea".

    Truly living between the trails at its finest...
  5. I was always told that Gunfire was tea, milk, sugar, rum and gun powder, not sure if the gun powder was true or if I even had it, what i do remember was having to rush to get into bed after a 24 hr guard stag just so the CO could deliver it in bed.

    Always watch out for the dregs, almost always all rum with little tea less a mouth full of tealeaves
  6. Cloud Puncher i presume? Why not ask your own? Good point of contact would be Mustard, think he is still 11 HQ Bty. And i can tell you its not much of a tradition in Woolwich, i served with them for 5 years from 1998 and not once did i ever see or hear of Gunfire. Only when i was posted to RLC did i hear about it. Rum is the correct tipple. I would guess that the tradition originated with the Navy?!?!?
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not just Gunners us stubblehoppers endured the OCs oiled brown liquid with rum on crimbo day! In bed to boot.
  8. I remember being woken one Xmas Morn (after a good night on the P**S) and having a mug of hot steaming liquid? thrust in to my hand, being slightly dehydrated i took a good swallow, well when they pulled me off the roof i found out it was a strange drink called Gunfire, it must have been half a mug of tea and half Navy rum.

    That was my first intro to Gunfire, back in 1969.
  9. Were you ever in camp on xmas day ? The only time you should hear about it is then, I have had it loads of times, always on xmas day, always whilst in bed which means you would of only got it if you were either

    a. A singlie and on xmas duties, but not on duty (day off)
    b. On operations during the xmas period

    I lie slightly there were a cuple of exceptions, having a snifter from Charile Oscar whilst Guard Commander on the day, Standing in an RUC stations carpark getting it from the Brigade Commander and once there was a norgie full left in the cookhouse, but that was cold and all the rum had sunk.

    I was told the tradition was a Gunner one from the Crimea War, but spread to almost all Regiments and Corps, Not sure if thats true
  10. In fact its made the cocktail list


  11. The ones issued on the western front had SRD stamped upon them
  12. Well you obviously knew what I meant! Thank you for helping me out on possibly my busiest day of the year. I couldn't have lived knowing that I had mad a small error. I'll get my sheepskin waistcoat and leather equipment...
  13. Got given Gunfire in bed the day of my pass off parade.
  14. shared Gunfire with Yanks on Tripex in Sennelager - we was stagging on and threw on the BV on the 432 - he thought this was the dogs back wheels. Wanted to sell me his tank for a bottle of NAAFI black rum!
    Told him that Micky Heseltine wud sack me as going rate was 1 bottle rum = 1 Cruise Missile
  15. Was on ROO on Xmas eve a few years back. Due to hand over my duty at 0830hrs Xmas Day. Mrs MG was briefed to keep the kids occupied until I got home so that I could witness the carnage that is present opening.

    At 0800, completely unannounced the CO arrives at the guard room with a Norgy,a couple of bottles of rum, and a plate of Mrs CO's home made mince pies "let's go and wake the boys ROO!!" says CO.

    To cut a long story short, I arrived home at 1100hrs having traipsed around the singlies accommodation (who had all just come off stag) with CO. Not a door was opened, except for one JNCO, who took a gulp of the brew, went green, and barfed on his carpet.

    The good intention was there, but IMHO gunfire is a concept wasted on the young soldiers of today.

    If we'd have gone round with a norgy full of vodka and red bull I'm sure we would have had more luck.