Christmas Crawl, 2012.

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by mac_uk, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Ok, due to constant nagging by an idle bint who's hamfisted attempts at mashing all the keys on her keyboard at once means it takes her a week to write a post I've been voluntold to start the thread for this years Christmas bash. I know it seems stupid seeing as it's 27 degrees outside under a clear blue sky but seeing as the shops have already started flogging chocklit snowmen and shit that must mean Chrimbo is just around the corner.
    And of course those of us not afflicted with living in that there London need a little planning time.

    Who's ok with having it coincide with the British Military Tournament on the weekend of the 8th of December?

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  2. I'm checking out a venue next week, not in Central London either. The meeting of the minds at PA's last shindig were in agreement. Would said idle bint's monicker begin with T?
  3. Mac thinks nagging is asking once now.Maybe cos he only as to be told once now?the good boy he is now!:)
  4. You've been on about it since bloody Wakefield, woman, and that was in July FFS!
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  5. But now it's only 3 months away and hotels fill up fast in December!

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  6. Yes,another arrser mentioned this esp the UJC.
  7. 8th of December would be good for me. Birthday bash :) Bang on
  8. Mac, the 8th would be good for me. Might even make it to the Tournament this time :)
  9. What area are you thinking about Joker? Still within stumbling distance from the UJC?

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  10. Short journey on the Northern Line (that's the black one for the Northerners),straight from Waterloo southwards to Clapham Old Town,total of 6 stops, loads of bars and plenty of eateries for Tabs to choose from.
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  11. If you make it the 6th of Jan, I'll be on R&R ;)
  12. Some of us'll have another, just for you mate ^^
  13. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    I'm up for clapham old town :)

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  14. I like black ones.

  15. that will be a New Year crawl - it needs it's own thread :)