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Christmas Crap !!! Prezzies

Ok Im now looking to buy my family stuff for Chrimbo, yes got all the proper stuff to get them, but we all get the little item's the small funny stuff, so after years of almost getting the same stuff, what I need is more ideas, but good ones :)

the floor is yours
bejeepers said:
Poppy said:
I got my daughter/son-in-law edible undies from Hawkins Bazaar last Christmas, look on their faces was priceless :)
You bought your own daughter edible underwear?? Are you a bit wierd?

Or is your familly very "close"??
If you're in London, then try Pollock's Toy Museum Shop (can't find it on line). Woolies exists again on-line and may be worth a visit - I miss that shop (esp as this week's shopping list included children's wellies and an alien outfit).
I bought a couple of whoopee cushions last year (about £1.50 each) and the oldies and youngies had a brilliant laugh with them. :D

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