Christmas cards to Helmand

Ive got a mate out in the cuds in Afghanistan and want to send him a Christmas card . But I dont know his number , only his name and regiment .If I address it to Pte T Atkins , Queens own chunderers ,Afghanistan , will it eventually arrive ?
I don't care how long it takes to arrive , I just need him to know that just because he can't stand his round , he hasn't been forgotten .
um...ive got the BFPO no. its 792 if thats any help?


They don't celebrate christmas there - its a muslim country :D

(well it is the naafi bar!!)
If yours got through , mine should as well . And if he has to spend six more months in a fly blown dangerous dump like that , he probably needs cheering up . Mind you, he's from Balymena , so he might think he's on the up ! Cheers !

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