Christmas Cards for the injured

I know it's a bit early for thinking about Xmas Cards but I wondered if arrse & it's members would like to send an Xmas card to the injured HM Forces in Hospital. If all 30,000 members of arrse sent a card addressed to "A Serviceman/woman" Selly Oak etc etc from "username", that would show them they are not forgotten.

What are thoughts on this ?

We could all post them on the same day....what a hoot for the Selly Oak postie :D
personally i think it's a great idea!

EDIT: but i think the postie would have something to say about it though :D


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What a cracking idea.

Edited to add: Fcuk the posties.


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V-B - Excellent idea and actually timely, we have enough time to rustle up some support!!! Count me in.
Agreed. Good Idea. Might even be worth posting them now to ensure they get there on time :roll:


How about putting a fiver in the envelope so that everyone can get a beer?
Why stop at just a card, cant we send in some chrimbo goodies???

the ladies could send stockings ;-) and if your sexy enough, let the lads remove them from you (think of the moral boost)

the fellas could send in mags, canned liquids for later consumption and food.

Having spent time in hospital myself, I know how mind numbing it can be but to spend Christmas in hospital away from family and friends must be far worse, especially when your recovering from wounds received in action that your own Government dont care about.....
How about someone designing a ARRSE card which can then be purchased on this site, And the amount we would like to donate to buy a specific item which will be of use to all the soldiers in Selly Oak etc etc
Great idea, can someone upload the full postal address for the hospital and the same for the veterans care homes around the UK as we should not forgot those who served before us.

Some of those who are in homes also deserve our support.
I've PM'd PTP to see what could be done with this idea and hopefully the CO's will comment as well.

I'd like to say I was able to organise this myself, but due to the medication I'm on for PTSD and the PTSD itself, I know that I don't have the mental capacity to take it on and give it the attention it deserves. So I'm sorry but I'm having to pass the buck.


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