Christmas cards and decorations have gone!

Glad when Christmas cards and decorations have gone?

  • Yes, they're a bloody nuisance.

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  • Aww, they're lovely.

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  • What Christmas cards and decorations?

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Thank fcuk for that.


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The living room looks huge and bright without the Christmas Tree blocking the window.
Didn't have to put them up or take them down this year. Kids - I love 'em!
Did'nt have any up, from what I could see the people in the flat above mine had made a particularly garish effort this year. More than enough decorations for the both of us.
artois said:
The cards, tinsel and other items of Christmas detritus have gone; life is good.
And you felt the need to broadcast this info becaaaaaause................
Of course they've all gone.

Surely you realise that the supermarket hasn't got room to keep the stuff on the shelves now that the Easter Eggs have arrived?

Dont worry, all the Christmas rubbish will be back in the shops in August.
Mrs B_R had been firing instructions like a Portugese Admiral to make sure all decorations down and stored away . Our living room also looks huge again ... until December . She has already started Christmas shopping for shoe box appeals for kids in Ex Eastern Block countries !!
I have never understood the reasoning behind "It's the coldest part of the year, let's spread open the curtains and let all the heat just so we can show off our decorations!".

That said, people have asked what happened to the animated angel in my window (curtains closed behind it to keep in the heat) for the last two years!


Didn't put any up and didn't take any down :)
Life sure is good now the kids have grown up and the ex has fooked off :)

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