Christmas Calais Rally

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by KnightsofRowallan, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Intent: 1 UK (Armd) Div will conduct an uncontrolled road move to Calais.

    It is that time of year, UK plated cars, packed to the roof, hurl themselves down the 'bahn, stopping for a splash of fuel at wankum, then on to the coast.

    Avoid the cops in Holland, the slog through Belgium, Gent & Antwerp.

    The office discussion turned to average times and those Schumachers within the Sqn who have cracked it in almost impossible time. Like my boss who, in his new AMG E-class estate, filled with family averaged nearly 100mph for the trip. Helped undoubtly by doing nothing less than 140mph between Guterlsoh and Wankum. Or my Sgt getting nicked in Holland in his Escort Cosworth, managing to talk himself from a ban to a fine and being escorted to the cash point by the peelers.

    Sadly I have no exciting tales of daring do on the calais rally, but wondered if anyone else did and would share?
  2. Yep, takes me about 2 hours 15 mins and under half a tank :wink:

    I do remember the stops at Wankum though. Having chips and mayo from that van and the queue going back onto the autoban, happy days :D

    Oh yeah, and the RHF getting everyone arrested mid ninties for causing a riot on the 'booze cruise crossing'.
  3. I got pictured speeding (wayyyy over the limit) twice in Germany in my British registered vehicle a couple of weeks ago, am I likely to hear anything about this? I'm back in the UK and not likely to be in Germany any time soon.

    I thought it was funny how the car that was ahead of me doing 140mph suddenly slowed to about 80 and I carried on past him, big red flash and I realised why.

  4. what from herford? what are you in the millenium falcon - han solo!!!

    2hrs 15mins from JHQ yeah.....without stopping!
  5. Have you allowed for the time that they have just spent sitting under the Channel, courtesy of Eurotunnel and the wrong kind of weather?

    Link here...

  6. Ahhh, the Calais run!

    I remember always having to time my run from Hohne to the Channel in order to draw petrol from the Wankum filling station during opening hours. I was usually empty or on fumes...

    Then, I was posted to Blighty and loaded up the faithful Mini with all my worldly goods and drove, slowly (well, @ 50-60mph) along the autobahnen to Wankum.... where I tried to cram in 20 litres of benz... and failed!!!!

    My first lesson in driving economically!

  7. Didn't say it was from Herford :wink: and why stop :?
  8. I drove to Germany to collect all my stuff from my old unit at a high speed, but I was adamant that I was going to drive slowly and safely once the car was fully loaded (probably over 200kg of stuff) on the way back. Well that lasted about an hour and a half before I sacked that idea and continued on my merry way at 110mph.

    So glad that I won't be doing that drive for a long time at least, getting stuck in traffic/lost around Antwerp is hell on earth.

  9. When driving with family,kids always need a piss!!..So no drinking an hour before we set off or during,... :evil:
  10. I wish my misses and kids would heed that advice, it's usually 45 into the bloody journey when the dreaded "can we have a quick stop for the toilet" Arrrggghhhh.
  11. fk me you got a porsche or a ferrari?

    2hours even from JHQ would be seriously honking along all the way to Calais.

    In fact I think your telling porkies and I claim my 10 pounds :D
  12. he could have a bike of course.

    you can average a pretty high average speed on 2 wheels.

    which would make it believable, as Google Maps reckons 3 1/2 hours by legal speed.

    Hate to think how long it used to take us, when we were under ARRC, to drive a convoy of Defender (non Wolf variety) FFRs with trailers and 4-tons from England to JHQ. A very boring weekend, that was.
  13. not using under half a tank though :D
  14. hmmm

    maybe he meant 'tank' - he only takes his overalls home so therefore he takes a lot less than half the tank with him?
  15. The BLO used to manage it get it onto orders for 7 BDE were the GCP would have speed traps coming down to Hannover for leave periods