Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by MODBloke, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Yes, spot on do it again.

  2. No, a waste of time.

  3. Couldn't give a t@ss I was at home for Christmas.

  1. This post is blatant work and I am using ARRSE as a market research tool(ish).

    Some of you will have received a Christmas Box on ops last year. We are looking at facilitating the same thing again this year, but with a bit more time to prepare it, it should be a little bit more up market (having said that there are several museums who are after one of last year's boxes).

    I know the box went down well but I would be interested to know which items were popular and which ones were not. Suggestions for new items would be useful only if practical (and they have to last because boxes are shipped up to 3 months early), we can't include alcohol (but I suppose beer tokens redeemable on return to the UK would be alright) nor pornography or pseudo porn lad's mags (the days of Raymond's Revue Mag being sent to troops in NI are long gone).

    I don't think I sound like a journo but if any of the mods have a worry they should PM me.

  2. Pushing this back up to the top. Hope it gets a useful response. Good to see ARRSE being used in this way.
  3. Hackle, thanks. :D
  4. MODBloke, am sure it will get useable answers... takes time to write a long enough contents list!

    I have no idea what was in last year's box, let me just say that I have been a recipient of a previous version long time ago (not Boer War) and it was really much appreciated.
  5. I was fortunate enough to be at home this Christmas, although I too have received something similar in the past. Personally I think its a fantastic idea and certainly raises morale when received.

    An idea might be to vary the contents and then distribute a percentage of each type to units so as to enable 'swaps' amongst those who have loads of kit or dont like some of the contents they receive?
  6. Last years version included: flashing red nose, small xmas cake, bottle opener guardsman, christmas hat (featured on Sky an awful lot), dried fruit, small games, novelty shower gel and I think some had powdered gluwein that snuck through the fun inspectors.
  7. You could put an extra 20 minute phone card in them, i'm sure that'd be appreciated at xmas.

    The likes of the Sun etc like claim to be the forces favorite, maybe you could get them to offset the cost. Just a thought.

  8. An extra 20 minutes is already allocated in Christmas week. These boxes are also aimed at all ops not just OWP earning so someone in say Lithuania wouldn't get the benefit. Having said that it is worth pursuing but even big firms like the Sun might think twice about the cost.
  9. No problem here MODBloke, and welcome on board.

    How about a 1 line ticket in the Lottery big christmas draw? I'm sure you can get Camelot to donate some.

    Or name and shame them if they don't :twisted:
  10. Nice idea; I'll take it forward though there might be something in QRs about gambling.
  11. In fairness to the Currant Bun, they did donate phone cards during at least one operation before the days of welfare telephones, only lasted 4 mins per card but much appreciated, and collector's items now.

    mrs hackle has suggested phone cards too, but I take MODBloke's point that they couldnt be used in some theatres.

    another item we got in the past was a remaindered music cassette, pot luck but I was well pleased with mine, not sure if the CD equivalent would be as welcome.

    I was going to suggest single-use camera but then again, maybe not! :wink:
  12. Single use cameras, maybe the mirror group would sponsor them :wink:

    I see MOD's point about the phone cards too, but i do like the CD idea. I'm sure everyone would appreciate a compilation CD. If there were different CD's in the boxes, everyone would be able to swap when they were bored. Most people take a CD player on ops or have access to one.

  13. CDs top idea, given the number of DVDs being thrown out by Sunday Papers cheaply this might be an idea.

    The camera was nearly in last year's box; there aren't any problems with it per se; like all weapons it depends where you point it.
  14. Most people now use digital cameras, so instead of a disposable film camera, what about a voucher to use against prints from one of the self-service digital printers which are now in many high street shops? Kodak and Fuji provide most of them, and various multiple outlets like Boots, Happy Snaps, Klick and so on have them in shops. Who knows, in the fullness of time, even NAAFI might catch on!

    On an entirely frivolous note, how about a pack of lavatory paper featuring pictures of Bliar, TCH et al?
  15. We will need to keep it apolitical but novelty lavatory paper could be worth following up.

    Keep the ideas coming.