Christmas Boxes on Ops

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by spacemanspiff, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Merry Crimbo to one and all!

    I have recently put together some Christmassy things for the Lads and Lasses deployed; fully funded by our Unit I must add. I tried to get money from a certain Div Sig Regt who supplies augmentees, and was told to rod it!

    The question I have is, do the larger units also send the blokes presents? And if not why not?

    Merry Christmas to all those deployed and I wish you all a very safe New Year.
  2. Had similar words in various shell-likes at my place, response was something like "we get someone to write to them once a month, ain't that enough?".

    I just sent a few bits and bobs out off my own back. After all, with the free postage it's not too much to ask people to provide a bit of morale for those stuck out on ops at this time of the year, eh?
  3. A big drive from my unit this Christmas, a gift for all those on Ops and gifts for their kids and partners too! Nothing fancy but enough to make them feel appreciated and remembered.

    Was very impressed how much effort was put into it.
  4. could somebody pm me with the address for the commcen in basra please.
  5. Deployed from a certain Div Sig Regt at the moment and all of the guys and gals got a Christmas parcel a few weeks back - chocs, sweets, toiletries etc - so they do look after their own; I wouldn't be surprised if they had also sent parcels to their individual augmentees deployed, rather than subsidise another units pressies fund. Attached mechs also got chrimbo parcels from thier unit so I would say that the larger units seem to be getting it right.
  6. All the IS geeks/mechs tech's/ED's/tech homo's/fantastic Operators even the AS type, in Camp Bastion recieved a box from SOS and the people in the local town. It added a little something extra to the day.

    To try and forget all the fun that we are having in Helmand.

    Merry Xmas to the rest of the Corps, wherever you may be. Keep safe and keep drunk if you can.