Christmas Boxes - not 1/2 bad?

DVD Player to replace broken one, bottle of vodka (what they tryin to say!) some wicker basket type things, £50, some wine glasses, handbag, a coat and a bottle of champagne (now gone! Hic)

Not bad :D
You lucky sod - 2 tubes of pesto, 5lbs of coffee and 3 pairs of socks. And I thought I'd proffed :?
How the other half live! :wink:

Am now going downstairs to share some of my favourite Chrimbo dish - Stag Pie.
fecking drawer liners and a tree ornament....i almost told them where they could stick both
To drag the thread back on track ref the boxes that have been sent to all 16,000 RN, Army, RAF on that are deployed away from home this Christmas.

Handwarmer - cool, spices - good, green ball - ok but random, tomato chutney - lovely, torch - useful, santa hat - nice touch, cake and iced fruit - tasty, disposable camera - incriminating.

Actually the box is full of the sort of tat that you wouldn't normally want if you were back home..........but when you're away and the bottom lip is sticking out a bit, it's a nice touch.

I don't know who should be thanked for getting this off the ground but Ta v. much. It means a lot when something unexpected arrives like this.

Merry Christmas - Bah Humbug!!!!!
Sent a mate in the sand a pit a box, nothing else but a box with screwed up news paper in it and wrapped in xmas paper.

Serves the git right for doing something similair to me a few years ago when i was some where hot

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