Christmas Boxes - Funding

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone confirm if the procurement of Christmas Boxes has been submitted as part of the EP (Equipment Programme) or is funding coming from the STP. Of course as they are operationally focused we may be able to bypass the funding issue through a carefully focussed UOR. For this to be a runner there will have to be PJHQ approval of course...........................

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  2. Don't worry about your Christmas box.

    You'll get it in theatre.
  3. Wouldn't be too sure about that CR. You know how long it takes BN HQ to twig that they have actually deployed someone and they are not sat on their arrse in Brecon. Could be Easter before the Box is even collated.

  4. hmm... 1771 posting at 3:43pm?

    somebody should tell him he left himself logged into arrse and the cleaners were posting under his username :)
  5. oooohhh...touchee
  6. AF was clearly in the office - Boris the helpful cleaner told me .............
  7. It's Thu and I am no longer in the office, but then nor is ED and he is still posting too.

    Note to ED: CR has spent all day pishing about on t'interweb

  8. AF

    I wish I had gone home 1615 and more to do - its great using someone elses puter or ARRSE from a lounge - at least I get G&T there.

    CR stop pishing about :)

    Right flight home to catch :)
  9. CR has had a very busy, productive day and got shitloads of work done actually.

    see, you mere mortals forget that i'm a trained pilot and can multitask ;)

    (no 1771, multitasking does not include manipulating your mouse with one hand and your purple headed womb ferret with the other)
  10. They're going to those on Ops so obviously a PJHQ lead. Unfortunately they will go to more than one theatre so no-one will be able to make a decision as to which Op budget to charge it to.

    The UOR may indeed be quickly written, but it will have to be staffed through the various COMBRITFORs in theatre to Northwood. Then they will have to collate the theatre returns and staff the requirement to the MOD. The MOD will then have to staff the requirement to Min AF. He will then submit the request onto Swiss Tony. Finally, Swiss Tony will have to send it to both Gordon and Tony as he'll have no idea which one will be in charge once final PM approval is given...............
  11. Enough Christmas boxes have been bought by the charity uk4u thanks to supply all overseas op theatres and NI. In addition, those in hospital on Christmas Day will get a box. The cost of the box (£300k) is met entirely by public donation. The MOD uses 'irriducible spare capacity' to transport them. The first boxes were shipped out to Iraq a week or two ago.

    If you want to know more about the charity visit: UK4U

    Having seen this year's contents I think the recipients will be very pleased - not that it makes up for being away from home, but the thought counts.

    MB :D
  12. A genuine post on a p!ss taking thread! Whatever next?
  13. i am in a foreign country too. will i get a christmas box?
  14. Depends if you are on an op or not.

    I know the thread is taking the mickey but I saw an opportunity to keep you all informed.
  15. does wales count as an op?