Christmas boxes for those on ops

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Just been d1cked with putting together Section Xmas boxes for those on tour. Here's what I have so far!


    • Mince Pies
    • Little Xmas decorations
    • A picture of HM Queen to stand up in front of should they not be able to watch Her speech
    • A small bottle of “Ribena”
    • Dried fruit
    • Crackers
    • Xmas card
    • An aide memoire to JSP 440
    • Haribo
    • Scampi Fries
    • Pork scratchings
    • Pickled onions
    • Christmas socks
    • Pipe and slippers

    Any other ideas for the entertainment of "our boys"?
  2. More 'Ribena'.
  3. Soiled knickers - in zip lock bag for odour retension.
  4. Dictionary?! :p
  5. Porn. Don't forget the porn (or is that JSP 440?).
  6. Security is a dirty word.... :p
  7. Copy of the Great Escape on DVD

    A flight ticket home ?????
  8. Before the equal opportunities moderator steps in here, G2LB is of course refering to
  9. * miniature xmas cake
    * chuff chart
    * fake signal extending their tour
    * fake directive from CGS explaining why people in [insert their job] will not be eligible for the £2240 tax pay thingy
  10. No, I think they're both CofE chaps. Not my sort of thing being a non-religious type myself.
  11. I think they'd rather have the knickers - Weirdo.
  12. A be worn on the lapel when out and about

  13. Perhaps some soiled Calvin Klein's for those disposed to a bit of "mortar action"?
  14. Who would want G2's soild keks?? 8O 8O
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Or perhaps a small supply of 'Anusol'? I'm told that your tubes get red hot after 3 Para Mortars have been in action for a few hours...