Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Watcher, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Other thread has got a bit scatalogical 8O; any thoughts about the Corps as a whole sorting some boxes for members serving abroad?
  2. Confused the sh1t out of me. I thought we had done this one already.
  3. Thought the other one was talking about boxes being produced within a particular section; my enquiry was whether there was thought to do one on a Corps basis perhaps through Chicksands. If I've got the wrong track I'll get back in my box.
  4. Yes your nicely wrapped Christmas box!!!!
  5. I think it's about time we had some more christmas box threads, or at least have a poll ?
  6. couldn't agree more sub.

    personally, i think that we have let the number of christmas box threads slide. i can only encourage the birth of new threads about boxes. perhaps we could have one for sections' boxes to the lads & lasses, one for companies, one for battalions, one from brigade, one from chicksands...

    i will be emailing all members of the corps to ask for donations towards the box we will be putting together for one of our lance jacks on tour. i trust you will all give generously?
  7. What was meant as a serious gesture of support seems to have stumbled in the face of your incisive wit ... bully for you guys.

    Perhaps you need a little more discernment; and maybe a little time away from your PC.
  8. Stop Press 2 MI Bde will have a Company in it's secretive 4th Bn with a specific "christmas box" related role.

    Whilst the role of "christmas box" is classified, Min AF will shortly announce it's role in the war against the NFDK group and the opening of an new analysis centre on Salisbury Plain, to support the deployment of "christmas box".

    Located close to related facilities at Rollestone Camp, the ISTAR centric Royal School of Artillery and the Bulford Fusion Center, the new unit will be known as JAC Bustard
  9. :?
  10. I've lost the will to post....Will I qualify for a box? I'm serving abroad, or is it just those elements that are on operations? Is there a date for qualification (1st Apr 06 perhaps), or will I just get a % of that box? How do I claim that (1771 any pointers)? Will there be enough AT to move all these boxes to all personnel?
  11. But do we really want to take ownership of the 'box', or do we just want access to its 'product'. My view is that the RA/R Sigs should own the box and be responsible for its transport to Iraq/Afg. Whereas we in the Corps should be responsible for the contents of said box. That way OC Box could be an E2 appointment, whilst OC/WOIC Contents could be E1. How we fuse the 2 in order to deliver true 'Box Capability' is probably the subject of another thread.
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  12. The new Unit will also implement novel collection methods, as yet, unheard of in the Intelligence world. Each sub Unit will have a "Collection Box" which will be run by a "Collator". The sub Units will then be visited on a regular basis so that "gathering" can take place. This will enable a small amount of "liaison" to take place.

    Once the "gathering has taken place the next step will be the central collation, analysis (sorting) and of course dissemination of said boxes.

    A full briefing on the Int Sled will be given to all units once the formation signal has been sent.