Christmas box contents ?

My Mrs volunteers for a parcel charity and would like to know what troops in theatre would like to see in a Christmas parcel. The charity has to send the parcel/s to a specific 'name' but normally send an email to an individual and asks if they would like to be 'Father Christmas', all parcels are then sent to that individual who dishes out the goods to his muckers. The question is ...what things would troops on ops like to see in an Xmas parcel ? Suggestions ? and please bear in mind the size of a shoe box (max weight 2kg).
Thanks very much Dragstrip, unfortunately I`d had a few drinks when I made the original post and was feeling rather lazy. I think that was the thread I was reading at the time and the Mrs was worried by a point made by one poster, that some things in the parcels received may be binned as they are not much use. The charity has a standard contents list for normal parcels, but she was looking for anything specific the troops would find useful at the festive season. I`ll have a trawl of the forum today to see if I can throw some ideas her way. :)

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