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Christmas arguement saving device

I just told them we were thinking of heading away for Christmas and that was enough to throw the elder Fanglets into a fit. It's not as if they don't have degrees and their own homes!
Fed up with them drinking and eating me out of house and home
'Bout time they invited YOU two?
If...they can cook summat that does not come out a stinking/ posh belt fed factory M&S container.
I suggested this to our lad who bought his own home locally 6 months ago.
The expression was priceless. He's a great cook as well.
Guess who is coming to dinner? SWMBO Roolz.:rolleyes:
It'll be a one-pot Hungarian Goulash or summat.
Detest this Pagan fake-dated Bronze Aged fairy story effin' hoo-ha shyte with a passion.
January perhaps?
You might be dead by then?

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