Christmas approaches - what will you be getting?

I'm going for this:


;D ;)
Only if you volunteer for it sinner my good man.  Hmm, a complete reissue of my 1157, a priority spares turnaround, Instant technical support from outside tech units.  Oh and a new crew would be nice too
I shall be giving Mrs. PtP a Christmas Cracker to pull... ;D

I shall also be giving her a generous portion of stuffing on a beach somewhere....possibly CYP. On the grounds that she's too pale and needs browning..

For me, I'd just like a season of goodwill and happiness to all men, especially when we haven't got the tools and manpower to visit ill-will on anyone.

Except Mugabe  :mad:


I think Cash has won this one:

"This Christmas I shall mostly be getting hammered"
I shall probably be getting fatter and trying very hard to avoid the charge of infanticide.  Especially if my wife ends up working over Christmas leaving me with the children at the in-laws.
Two bottles of port, one half bottle of gin, a half pound packet of dates and a hangover.  Hurrah!


And probably a dose of the runs after those dates FB !

Better have yourself an Ulster Fry to sort yourself out the morning after. ;D ;D
Hmmmm, soda bread, tatey bread, lard, various mystery meat products.  Can feel my arteries hardening already.  Lovely!


War Hero
Dont know what I'll be doing as I can never remember what I usually get up to...............
It's not just Christmas I get sloshed, the WHOLE year is just one big p1ss up!! ;D


A big saucer of milk and some tuna and carrot kitekat, followed by shagging the Persian next door.........and we aren't talking rug!


So did anyone get what they wanted?

I didn't, I just wanted a nice bloke and Santa didn't bring me one.
Oh well, better get some more batteries then I suppose!

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