Christmas apart for the Green Howards and their families

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. I spent the millenium new year on ops in shitty Kosovo. I don't recall any papers saying how shiiite it was?

    We got some press from the Mitrovicia incident, but that's it.

    Man up!

    I also remember my old man not being there for many a birthday/xmas. It happens.
  2. Feck, I think I have had 2 xmases at home in the last 20 years. Poor poor Green Howards...must be hard for them. The dust in here is incrdible....oh wait, thats because I am in the big sandy place (and will be over xmas and New Year) just like many others who are not in the Green Howards.
  3. I managed to watch this on Newsnight on the night itself for about three minutes before we got the obligatory crying wife shot, then jacked it in to do something more interesting. It's not really news; "Soldiers away at Christmas". At least now there are phones and the internet for keeping in touch. Anyone else remember stacking 10p pieces for the trip to the oh-so-intimate payphone in a corridor in various locations on the forgotten/whitewashed over Op Banner? Or waiting for mail (usually a bill) in the Balkans? I don't remember touching stories about the hardship of seperation then, nor did I expect it to be such a prominent news item. We just got on with it. I'm sorry if I sound bitter, but I am, so s0d it. I'm just getting a bit sick of the sentimental juggernaut that the media has about Afghanistan. They seem to be wanting to show that the media cares; it seems to be a case of not too little, too late, but too MUCH, too late.
    Rant mode off.
  4. Good luck to all you blokes and blokesses who will be in sandy places at Christmas and the New Year. I spent several (5 I think) Christmasses in BAOR (no hardship there then), and a sublime Christmas and NY in Belize (on the beach at Punta Gorda with the beautiful, dusky Dawn in her white bikini - no hardship there then either). Last year I spent Chrismas in Bangkok (no hardship...) and this year I will probably be in Chau Doc. No etc). Cheers heh heh heh!
  5. What next!

    'Young soldier misses 21st Birthday bash due to operations'.

    Soldiers have been away on operations through the xmas period for decades. It's nothing new. In fact many more soldiers used to spend xmas away from their families in the days of NI than now. Didn't see it plastered all over the press.
  6. Maybe they could release a cd of their favourite marching tunes.And release a very grainy vid on Utube.
    This will give them 'closure'