Christina Schmid on Jezza Vines Radio 2 in nxt 1hr

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, May 24, 2010.

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  1. Christina Schmid wil be on Jezza Vine's Radio 2 show (transmitting now) in the next hour or so
  2. Wow, punchy, articulate, knowledgeable. Very impressive.
  3. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Looking forward to the documentary this evening. Mrs. Schmid was excellent on R4 Today too.

    Not the BBC plugging their own programmes in the name of 'news', is it? I hope not, as there is obviously something needing to be done, when the 'boss of the IED forces' has resigned today.
  4. Just listened to her on R2. She is proving to be as much an inspiration as her late husband.

    Her story continues to be emotional and she paints a picture of how all the forces have been starved of kit and funding - not just the specialists. More fact about too few people, too few suitable armoured vehicles,too few helicopters and kit well past its sell-by date.

    It was moving to hear about her getting Oz's zippo back - it brings to mind so many hours in ICPs with ATs and their vile roll-up cigarettes. It's suddenly got all dusty here - stay safe guys!
  5. Shes talking out of her arse IMHO
  6. Glad to see a wife is now the know-all about Army ops
  7. She no longer speaks as a "wife of", but more like a spokesperson. I just wonder who is giving her all the facts and figures. Hmmm, interesting.
  8. The Sun, The Mirror and anyone else who pays for her to have a new wardrobe?
  9. Even though listening to her interview on R2 earlier she basically was re-addressing previous interview input, the feedback from listeners interesting also,

    Panorama should be humbling but interesting to watch hopefully
  10. 1. I am confident she was well briefed, by Oz, on the satphone.

    2. She does not strike me as being the kind of lady to be doing this for personal gain (are you mixing her up with the Fat Ginger Slapper who featured in the next Jezza piece?)

    3. That show will be available online via BBC iPlayer for 7 days, starting soon after the live edition ends.
  11. Are you seriously upset about the accuracy of what she has to say or are you just being "controversial"?
    Genuine question.

    I didn't hear the interview but I am curious whether your hostility is genuine or just internet banter.
  12. No hostility from me. Just a genuine interest on how she is so well informed.
  13. Sorry WT, should have been clearer, it was more directed at TLF.
    As I said, I didn't hear the interview but I am interested why Flashy is un-impressed.
  14. No hostility on my part either, jag. Nothing against her and its valiant that she's fighting the cause of her hubby etc but shes turning in to a media puppet aimed against the MoD. A lot of her info is media based and not 'inside info' based which means shes just helping the media sell papers.
  15. Would you rather she breached the OSA and put her dead husband's colleagues at risk?

    She displayed a lot of control in her radio interview, she clearly knows more but is being responsible. It is always a fine line how much you release in public. Trust me I have walked that line.

    Why don't you hold the criticism until we all see what effect she can have?
    Or at least until you have seen the prog tonight? Her husband only died a few months ago, IMO your judgement is harsh in the extreme, but you are entitled to your view.