Christianity Fights Back

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tastytoggle, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Give His Holiness his due - he has spoken up. He has spoken the truth. He has said what many, many of us feel.

    Whereas, where is the Church of England's opposition to Harman's iniquitous proposal?

    - Where are the Church of England Archbishops the Bishops and the established Clergy and their protests?

    - Where is the Non-Conformist protest?

    - Where are the rabbis of the Jewish community and their opposition?

    - Where are the Moslem howls of justifiable outrage?

    - Where are the Buddhists, and the other major religious Orders?

    - Where are those organisations dedicated to freedoms?

    In days gone by this sort of ill found lunacy would have resulted in Miss Harman losing her pretty little aristocratic head.

    Today in the Blair-Brown Broken Britain, the secularists hold thrall - the sneerers, the revisionists, the Dawkins and Toynbees, 'rule' - or so they believe. I doubt anyone will have heard of Dawkins in two hundred years, let alone two thousand - maybe not even in twenty years time!

    Blair 'didn't do God', Brown is so psychologically flawed and incompetent that I doubt he understands the word 'manse' or the relevance thereof.

    I am a believer - I believe in God - and I am a confirmed member of the Church in Wales, albeit resident and worshipping nowadays at St Michael's Church on Cornhill in the City of London.

    I am aghast that the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York and the Archbishop of Wales have not raised their opposition to this inept and inelegant piece of legislation, born of dogma, spite, envy, malice and the requirement to change one's accent in order to 'fit in'.
  2. Well done Papa Nazi! :D

    Now, reform the Knights Templar and let's get the Crusade on the road! :twisted:
  3. In response to Isquared, I can't say for the rest, but I have a suspicion that the (Russian/Greek/what have you) Orthodox response will be a firm "ignore".

    We're somewhat used to opposing the Government, and having them throw us into prisons and death camps for the crime of independant thought. The Soviets did that for 80 some years. The Turks are still doing it.
  4. God botherers, the lot of 'em! Should all be lined up and shot, of course the middle of the line would be reserved for all the parasites of H Harpersons ilk.
  5. It's a funny old world. As a Catholic schoolboy, I was taught how Catholics in England and Wales were barred from holding all sorts of positions in society because of their religion. That was a bad thing. But barring gays and transexuals from certain positions is apparently a good thing. You've got to admire the Church's ability to condemn enlightenment thinking, except when it suits them and then suddenly freedom of expression and human rights are inviolable.

    I happen to agree them to some extent on this one. But that doesn't stop them from being a bunch of hypocrites.
  6. Blair 'didn't do God'

    That's not quite true though, is it? Didn't Blair convert to Catholicism once he'd left office? I suspect that was probably his wife's doing, but even so. On a different note, can you imagine the repurcussions of anybody attempting legal action against a mosque under the proposed legislation? They have to tinker don't they? They go on about diversity when all they seem to want is to turn everybody and every aspect of our lives a uniform grey.
  7. Pretty much agree with wedge35. They become noble, principled libertarians only when it's their liberties at stake.
  8. We are a largely secular society. A bloke in a white dress is free to say what he likes, as is one wearing a crown. But they are pretty irrelevant in the scheme of things.

    I might be more inclined to be more supportive of Churches (various) had I not heard York (who I admire greatly) passionately arguing that Parliament and not the media are the forum and arbiter of such weighty questions as assisted suicide on R4 this morning. He's quite right, and the distinction holds good for this issue too - Parliament will ordain the Equality Bill, not unelected theologians, bishops, mullahs, rabbis or royals. Why is a Church any different from a corporation, co-operative, club or charity?

    My personal outrage scooter remains VOR on this one.
  9. Right on dude!
  10. My bold, he's got more pressing things to do, like his Zim protest and work, and jumping out of aircraft for H4H. I would think an intelligent man like himself probably treats Harpersons dribbling with the contempt it deserves.

    And I'm an atheist!

    Would love to see him with the top job, I think you would see a much more vocal C of E, rather than the current weirdy beardy.
  11. Seconded. Dr John for Canterbury - then we'd see some leadership. Williams is a water treader, not a water walker. :eek:
  12. I agree!
  13. I know the Catholics get an ex Nazi as head honcho, we get a lentil munching pagan yes man......... Labour didn't have any involvement is his appointment did they :?
  14. The pope bleats about freedom of expression for his bishops in England and Wales but his reaction would be swift and brutal if one of them strayed far from the party line in the exercise of that freedom. Witness the supression of Liberation Theology in Latin America; a genuinely popular and relevant movement that put the Church briefly on the side of the angels. But because it didn't accord exactly with Rome, it was a case of 'fcuk the coffee-picking peasants'. Benedict wants the bishops to be able to say and do what they like - as long as they do exactly as he says. For such a totalitarian institution to demand freedom of expression is akin to Stalin asking the Ukranians to apologise for starving on him.