Christian Voice Blackmail Maggie's Centre Cancer Charity


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I thought I had had my rant about religious bigots, but I've just heard a prime example on Radio 4 on the way to work.

Christian Voice blackmailed a cancer charity called Maggie's Centre into refusing to accept a donation of £3000 from the cast of Jerry Springer The Opera.

They adopted the standard terrorist tactic of threatening to protest outside the centre and of threatening to harras staff, cancer sufferers and thier families. I admit I have a pretty low opinion of Christianity as it is, but I did not think it could sink to this level of depravity.

I don't agree with the proposed hate crime laws, but if anyone needs a hate crime this strikes me as a prime example. If you want to e-mail these perverts thier contact page is at:

I will be e-mailing them when I get home this evening - I can't do it from work. I will also be reporting them to the police to see if they can't be done for blackmail or threatening behavior. Please do the same.

Rant Over
Just heard the story on the radio and was incensed that the religious fanatics have managed to pressurise the charity into rejecting what is a well mannerd and generous donation (albeit from a controversial play).

This is appauling PC rubbish. How christian is it to deny a charity helping cancer patients funding from any source (legal obviously!). Two faced idiots!

A standard feature of extreme religion is that it is better for (other) people to suffer than be touched by "sin".
i've said it before, but if God (should He exist) is bothered by such minor irritations as Jerry Springer - The Opera He deserves no-ones worship at all.
I'm sure these people have seen the effects other extremists have had on organisations and thought that if they followed suit they could have a similar outcome. They succeeded in their goal.

Sadly more than people than these lose in such curcumstances, Christianity, Cancer sufferers and the general public but what do you expect from screaming fanatics they are only concerned with their own tiny outlook on things.

:cry: :cry:
Sent off my thoughts to the two-faced scumbags. :evil:


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I have written to the Commisioner of the Metropolitan Police and the Chief Constable of the Lothian and Borders Police to report what is clearly blackmail and threatening behavior by these disgusting people.

If there are any lawyers or coppers out there who can look at this isssue and come up with teh right crimes etc I would urge you to report these bottom sucking lowlifes as well. I've also e-mailed Christain Voice to let them know how sickened i am by thier behavior.

Thanksa to MikeMcc for e-mailing them and to anyone else who has or who does in the future.
sent my thoughts two them
hopefully the gay coppers have an armed response ':twisted:')
sorry I thought there bibles were a suicide bomb(':lol:')
I heard the interview this morning and this evening found their website and wrote them a snot'o'gram.

Then I found this thread on ARRSE and was pleased to see that I was not alone in my disgust of these norrow minded low-lives assuming that what they think is right is the view of all christians. I mean, I'm not a religious person, but why do these few people assume that they speak for all christians?

They are the reason so many people are turned off by religion, with their view that having fun is wrong and that everyone has to remain within the narrow confines of what they say is 'right'.

But to profess that, forcing a charity to refuse what has to be called a very charitable and generous offer of 3000 quid, is a christian act is to bring the public image of the christian faith to a new all time low. And what was the idoit's answer to the whole thing? "We only pointed out what a terrible public relations mistake they were making"...... Hello pot, this is kettle.... over!
I'm a Christian myself, and this kind of thing annoys me for a few reasons:
1) It ain't Christian to block charity. Charity is one of the fundamentals of Christianity: it's about helping your fellow man.
2) These lunatics honestly believe they speak for all Christians when they do this type of thing.
3) I'm tired of this pseudo-Christian movement from the US that "calls" on Christians to rubbish things like Jerry Springer, and GTA: SA (Yep, they hit computer games too). If you don't want to see it, don't see it. Simple as that.
Anyone seen Jerry Springer the Musical? Has it honestly corrupted you so much that you are now going to burn in Hell? (More so than usual. :wink: ) Err... No. Didn't think so.
These guys are living on the fringes of Christianity. Ignore, and please don't think all Christians are like these idiots.


pretty tame bunch by my standards :wink:

They will burn of course, as they are heretics, Mwahahaha :lol:
Fundie Christian are a bunch of Three-nipple cousin-feckers if you ask me :twisted: .
They had some representative of C.V. on Radio Scotland at lunch time. Came across as some sort of religious fundamentalist. Said the money was tainted because of it's origin.
I seem to remember reading something about God loving sinners. The use to which the money would have been put would have sanctified it. If wine and wafers can be turned into the blood and body, why not money for a good cause.
What might not be understood is that Maggies is not run like a normal hospice. They mainly deal with those who cannot adjust to their cancer and thus need extra care and comfort.

I listened to some of that radio interview aswell. He came over as a bit of pratt, but i did agree that someone needs to stand up for christianity as in todays PC environment, it seems ok to bash christ and the church but highly offensive to piss off any ethnic minority or religion.

Only seems fair that we can take the urine out of them all for being god botherers, rather than just the bible bashers! :twisted:

What a bunch of twats... call themselves christians??? not really worth the air they breathe ... but well worth a one way ticket to a gulag!!! (always thought our russian 'friends' would come in usefull on day :lol: )

In all the posts on here so far there's been links to 'christian voice' and some of their propagantic interviews - (total waste of good processor time pasting them imho) but no links to the one party in all this that IS worth our time and attention - Maggie's Centre Cancer Charity.

Now sorted -

Please feel free to pay a visit... maybe even show some 'ARRSE' generosity too while your there?

Quick idea to any members still serving out there ... time is approaching when the years 'deserving charities' are selected... this one is a pretty good canditate.

Thanx guys and gals....

Here's the ayatollah,He called one of his fellow "born-agains" from another Xian cult a supporter of the Paedophile Information Exchange when he remonstrated with him about threatening cancer patients(Radio
Scotland today)


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Thanks Snapper for correcting my oversight in not putting in Maggie's Centre's link: I second your motion about supporting this charity. My unit picks a charity a year to support I'll be suggesting this one!
firestarter said:

Here's the ayatollah,He called one of his fellow "born-agains" from another Xian cult a supporter of the Paedophile Information Exchange when he remonstrated with him about threatening cancer patients(Radio
Scotland today)
He asked the other god botherer (who happened to be a pinko) which group he was in (getting a bit like west side tory here!) and when he heard the name, he questioned him over wether it was his group that held a function (of some sort) for a group associated with paedo offenders. I think it was meant as a jibe but the 2nd god botherer seemed to miss it completely until 1min later when he realised what had been said and went ape!
As a Christian (allbeit not a particularly good one,) I found this whole sorry incident terribly depressing. Perhaps as military men it should be a warning to us of the perils of dogmatic adherence to doctrine and the ludicrous conclusion of such a policy.

While the depiction of Jesus as a baby in a nappy made me feel slightly uncomfortable and the whole musical seemed to be based around the humour of saying f*ck as many times as possible; I still found the production mildly amusing and can certaily see why sections of the population find it hillarious.

Even if I had found the musical totally abhorent then I would still support the right of the company to show it. I am no theologian, but my undertanding of my Religion is that it should be an individual's personnal choice to become a Christian through exposure to the word of God. I hardly think a musical which takes a childish delight in swearing will turn people from God and the attitude of these militant idiots will have a far more detrimental effect on the standing of the wider church in society.
There is no reasoning with religious fanatics,no argument involving fact can sway them,there is no point in discussing things with them unless it keeps the innocent from being seduced into joining them.the only thing that we can all do is resist any attempt to make their superstitions determine the way we lead our lives,what charities we donate to,what plays we see,what books we read,what laws we obey etc.We have been ruled by the religious before,who burned,hanged and tortured those who did not agree with them. By blackmailing Maggies over this matter,this vile wretch has acquired the power of the bully to make the meek do his bidding as the Sikhs did over Bezhti and the muslims nearly did with Rushdie.When one gets so low as to threaten the sick and their carers because of your own sense of ferocious righteous fanaticism,one has departed the ranks of humanity and should be encouraged to join one's Deity in the perfect sinless afterlife (or receive a f*cking good quality kicking from the local branch of the Humanist Society).
I am enraged by this but short of getting the jerry can out and torching a few churches/mosques/Kingdom halls with the cnuts inside,what can I do. :evil:

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