Christian Taliban disrupts funeral for soldier

A right-wing fundamentalist protestant church group from Topeka, Kansas, is planning to disrupt the funeral of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan on Monday to protest against homosexuality.
For them the soldiers are being killed as God's punishment for the country tolerating sins like homosexuality. The protesters are members of the Westboro Baptist Church run by the radical pastor Fred Phelps.
I wonder what the comrades of this soldier are saying about the protests?


Absolute bastards, what ever they feel about the rights and wrongs of the war, somebody's son/father/brother has been killed and the family should be left alone to grieve rather than be hijacked for a cheap political stunt.

I just hope that the blokes from the deceased's unit have the chance for a "full and frank" exchange of views. Just so angry to read this.

I guarantee the protesters have not got the guts to go and do what the guy who got killed did, ******* picking on a soft target.

rant over!
mindless shits do they really know hat the **** they are on about...if god is there this gropup of freaks will hardly fill him with joy will it??...ironic

god hates america yet they are american...seems a pretty silly sign really.....god hates me.its great..woooo

These people do not deserve the oxygen of publicity.

The world knows the sacrifice made by the brave man being interred, regardless of politics.

There's not much more to say.
Beyond words.... c*nts box the lot of em up and send out to the sand-pit, let em spout their cr*p to the locals there...

An insult to a brave guy, thoughts are with the family.
The miniscule clique of screwballs who staged this disgraceful demonstration are in no way representative of the typical American, or the typical American Christian, or the typical American adherent of evangelical Protestantism.
I certainly condone violence against those scumbags
whatever your view this guy died for his country and the rights of these twats who are spouting off wnakers, he protected there right to free speech these guys could at least have some respect for the fallen protesting at funerals is the lowest of the low cnuts
I'm sickened, the soldier died as a servant of his own country and Iraq. A military funeral should show the respect that the dead deserved and not be hijacked-this is not an honourable way to make yourself heard.

Even from the basic lessons you learn in RE at school you can see that this is hardly the attitude that is taught by Christ in the Holy Bible.. Thus it doesn't seem like very Christian behavior. However like with all ways of life and religions, there are going to be some people with somewhat off the wall.
Just had a peek at their website, bunch of Fookin nutters, they blatantly state the following: -

"WBC rejoices every time the Lord God in His vengeance kills or maims an American soldier with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED)."

Do they not realise if it was not for men like the poor guy who was killed they would not even be able to express their views. People like this really do make me sick, a complete waste of evolution.
while its patently obvious about the majority of you about gay men in the army, whatever this mans sexuality was is not the issue. this was a soldier who died doing his job, and if the scum want to make an issue of it they ought to be taken aside and slapped into some kind of sense! a soldier is a soldier, and regardless of who (or what) he chooses to sleep with (with the exception i think of rapists/paedophiles etc) he's doing a job the majority o f people either choose not to do, or are unable to do. thought go out to his loved ones, regardless.
brave man who had a tough job! RIP
Absolutely appalling! I'm normally a fairly tolerant chap but this ........

There is not one US soldier I'm currently serving alongside who'd back the stand these 'people' are taking!

Words fail me!

Retreats from keyboard as red mist descends.....
Just reading the first post and looking at the picture made my blood boil, i had to go outside for a walk for 5 mins to cool off.

W*nkers th lot of them. I'm tempted to start up a fund to pay for the guy's mates to fly over there and beat the sh*t out of them
It looks as if the funeral was done without disturbances.
Many people came in support of Stff.Sgt. Piper and his family, including many soldiers from his unit.
The protestors were largely outnumbered and escorted out of town "for their own protection" by mounted police, who turned the horses backsides to face the protestors to show what they thought of them.
They were surrounded by dozens of uniformed and plainclothes cops and blocked from the public by the Boston Police Department Mounted Unit, which strategically pointed the backs of their horses toward the group.



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