Christian Preaching - "Hate Crime"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pork_Pie, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Torygraph link

    Well, so long as all attempts to convert people to another religion are treated as a hate crime, I don't think most people would complain too much. (Perhaps George Galloway driving his London election campaign bus near my office can also be treated as a hate crime?) But I suspect this won't happen.

    I'd also like to know why West Midlands Police tolerate their PCSO's ranting about Afghanistan & Iraq, instead of trying to reduce crime.
  2. I do hope they pursue their legal action. Let's take a wild guess at the religion of the plastic policeman in question. I hope he gets prosecuted AND sacked. Fcuk the tw4t off to talibanistan if that's his attitude.

    The British police really are full of sh1t. It's no wonder nobody has any respect for them.

  3. What makes you think you speak for everyone with bone statements like this. The vast majority of the population are not so much anti-police as anti the police service's PC attitude, talking about full of shite.................
  4. Another reason why people are abandoning the UK if they can.

    I wonder if any such action woul ever have been taken against a raghead if he were to stand near a church or anywhere else and preach direct hate against the west in general and anyone else who fails to submit to his sub-human religion.
  5. I'm forced to agree with Ex Stab, not that he needs my support or approval. I can't remember the last time I was actually helped by my local cuntstabulary.

    I have a brother in the Police and a brother in law in the RMP and they are top fellas, the police officers I have met off duty are top fellas, the police officers I've met on duty..........I have no positive views of. I'm sick of them thinking they are doing us a favour.
  6. The attitude is the reason people have no respect for the police. I never said that people have no respect for the concept of having a police force. The police in this country are a bad joke. They just voted for strike action didn't they? Well sack the useless tw4ts - they achieve the square root of fcuk all. As has been said in this forum before, we have a police state without law and order. Some achievement!

    Take it you approve of West Midlands Police action in this case then?
  7. I find the only thing resentful about this story to be the favouritism and special treatment of Muslims which is so typical in Britain these days.

    It would be fantastic if we could ban all religious preaching - because let's be honest, who would honestly miss the Jehova's knocking on your door in the middle of dinner?

    It's a non-story, really. It's perfectly fine for the b@stards to pester me as an Atheist, but the Muslim community must be protected, lest its volatile temper is incensed and the riots start.

    Anybody saying this is a Christian nation has no clue. The majority of adults in the UK calling themselves "Christian" likely havn't seen the inside of a church since they were forced to go at Christmas in their school years.

    Practise whatever the hell you like, just leave everyone else alone.
  8. Yes, the PCSOs was way outside his authority. But he/she may have had concerns re: possible public order offences if Asian youths had been about and may have taken 'offence' at these Christians handing out literature, it does happen.

    The fact they were Americans would indicate they may not have been aware of sensitivities in various towns around the UK that have predominately Asian communities. So, there are two sides to every coin. However, as previously stated, and probably this would be reiterated by serving Police Officers and even PCSOs, that this particular PCSO was just being a bit too 'Jobsworth'. As for the local Force not following up the complaint made about the atitude and behaviour of the PCSO, well this smacks of too much 'Political Correctness' and in itself not of help in community relations.

    As for the two American Christian Evangelists, if that is what they were, they should have been better breifed by their church. It has been the case that some of these US Evangelists will even try and go into states like Saudi with suitcases full of Bibles... does not show a great deal of intelligence this sort of behaviour!!!
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    God is a cunt. So is Buddha, so is Ganesh, and so is Mohammed.

    Rather ironic in these PC days that i'll likely be prosecuted for the last one, but ignored for the first 3.

    I'm not surprised these loons were American, though - the Christian extremist loons spamside are often as bad as their muslim counterparts - the Jesus-freaks just haven't progressed to suicide belts and IED's.

  10. So because some plastic policeman allegedly goes way beyond his job spec, this suddenly becomes WMP policy does it.

    Have a word

    You do yourself no favours coming out with dross like this. Ill informed, bitter, narrow minded, childish, and massive over generalisations destroys any credible input you may have had. :roll:

    My replies inbold
  11. It's the fanatical American missionary twots in Iraq pushing christianity that we need to stop. They are causing one hell of a problem out there.
  12. Please tell me you don't have proof of this.

    I'd heard or read a vague story about this but never saw anything like it during my deployment there.

  13. If this aplied equaly I would aprove. Are muslim evangelicals prosecuted? If not, why not?

    I don't have much time for religion but think that Christianity is less harmfull than Islam. That is just my point of view.
  14. This is the bigoted PCSO that thinks christians shouldn't go into a muslim area.
    Naeem Naguthney

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  15. Stand by for incoming from Sven. Naguthney is an old Irish name. Probably. :D

    It may not be a non-story but it is depressing. They all emerge as bloody idiots, plod and godsquad - but perhaps that is just the way the article is written.

    Freedom of speech is always exercised by the ones you'd wish would shut up. But I never saw fanatical American missionaries in Iraq and if I did I missed them amongst the dark shades, M16s and body armour that any fanatical American missionary would need. There was a half-hearted Brit called Kember however... :x