Christian Owners of guesthouse fined for refusing gay couple to share bed.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by regular_imbiber, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. From Sky News, couldnt post link for some reason:

    The Christian owners of a seaside guesthouse acted unlawfully in a landmark case, for refusing to allow a gay couple to share a double bed, a judge has ruled.
    Peter and Hazelmary Bull did not allow civil partners Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy to use a double room in their Cornwall B&B because it would be "an affront to their faith".
    However, a judge at Bristol County Court said the couple were breaking the law by denying the men a room.

    Mr Hall and Mr Preddy were each awarded £1,800 in damages.

    Mr Preddy booked a room at the B&B in 2008 and Mrs Bull assumed he was bringing his wife with him.
    When he arrived with his civil partner Mr Hall, the pair were refused a double room by the manager Bernie Quinn, who instead offered them seperate single rooms.

    Peter and Hazelmary Bull have strict religious beliefs.
    The Preddys used the 2007 Equality Act Regulations to bring the case to court, claiming £5,000 in damages.

    A month before Mr Preddy booked to stay at the B&B, Stonewall, the gay rights organisation, had warned the Bulls that a notice on their website about who could and could not stay was illegal.
    The notice read: "We have few rules but please note that out of a deep regard for marriage we prefer to let double accommodation to heterosexual married couples only.

    Mrs Bull has argued that even her brother and his female partner were not allowed to share a room in her house due to her strict religious beliefs.
    Their legal fees were paid for by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, while Mr and Mrs Bull's defence is funded by The Christian Institute.


    Without commenting on whether these people were right or wrong where does that leave pubs and clubs? I mean; they can refuse entry,eject after admission and bar for life anyone they like without ever having to disclose why.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    What "damage" did they suffer that was valued at 1800 quid each?
    They were offered 2 single rooms so there was not even any inconvenience.
  3. What, someone discussed the policies of pubs and clubs some time ago? Sorry.
  4. Would that be buggers bugger bigots then?
  5. Made Oi larf. :-D
  6. It was a extreme act by those guys to stop these two persons to share a room. It has nothing to do with religion. It was their right to stay in one room.The guys were just assuming that its against religious beliefs.
  7. I suppose the clue is in the term 'Guest-house'... a resident should be seen as a guest by invitation & the owners should have the same rights as a licensee of a public house and have the legal right to refuse service without even having to give a reason.
  8. ******* hell, do people now have a "right" to share rooms in a private businesses accommodation?
  9. A thread about this in intelligence cell.
  10. When this came up before I put up a link (not this time cos Im on a military computer) to a gay only hotel in the UK, (Because its alright for gays to discriminate)
  11. you both feel discriminated against do you?
    i'm pretty sure you can get a room at a ghey hotel if you want to boys.
  12. Dont be silly, minorities can do what they like in this country and anyone saying otherwise is a sexist, homophobic, racist Nazi.

    Personally I cant see the problem with gay/straight only private businesses, don't give the ******* your custom if you don't like it.
  13. Hey its proper_gander the billy bullshiter (He make up racist quotes from German bankers then throws a sulk when asked to prove it)

    Im pretty sure the queers could have got 2 single rooms, but slept in one if they really wanted to, but far better to be outraged and sue someone. But then they are a minority and you would be all for them being ***** wouldnt you proper_gander?