Christian foster mother struck off after Muslim girl convert

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Command_doh, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Fundamentalist God Botherers. Well known to bang on about it at the drop of a hat. Well known in North America for going all over the world Proseletysing the 'word of Jesus' in places where you could get killed for such things.

    Understatement of the year. In Islam, it attracts the death sentence.

    Touchy subject this, to be sure. Now she has invoked article 9, this will put the Council in a real bind. They will (rightly) appear to be biased and prejudicial towards 'minority' faiths if they maintain their ruling, but on the other hand will incite the rabble rousers who think there is some underhanded Liabour conspiracy to stab Christians the back at the expense of everyone else.

    Wonder if Cherie 'champion of human rights - for a huge amout of public cash' B-Liar will wade into this one? I'm sure the Daily Mail will be banging on about it for weeks too.
  2. Why sack her?

    Have bosses and local leaders lost the ability to reprimand people for their behaviour in other ways. Fancy sacking someone at a time when every other poor fcuker is losing their jobs and can't get new ones because there are none to be had.

    Why someone should have to go through that everytime they do something the PC Mongs aren't happy about is beyond me.

    New Labour - Cross us and We'll make you fcuking starve to death!!!
  3. Well it worked for the Nazis and Communists, why shouldn't it work for New Labour.
  4. Fire up the bus, I'll be on it manning the Gimpy.

    Fcuking lefties will be the absolute death of this country, although I would imagine that Ashie will be piling in sometime soon telling us that the woman should be burned at the stake for being "None PC"
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    love th eway threads attract relevant adverts now, at the bottom right of the page mine currently says "Become a Foster Parent" hamphire needs foster parents like you. learn more about it here.

    Nah trust me you don't want me as a foster parent, I'll **** the kids up. I'll have them thinking for themselves, instill some self discipline and promote the concept of individual responsibility and finish it off with a good old fashioned dose of "if you believe in yourself and you put in the effort you can reach your goals"
  6. I'm getting a Muslim dating service..... 8O
  7. I thought you were going to finish on:

    "and I'll finish off by giving them a dose"

    Although it would have been funnier it might have prevented you getting the job.

    However as we're oozing with qualified, experienced people in this country we can afford to sack the good old school ones.

  8. I got a Christian dating service called ChristianMingle and yes I did read it wrong the first time :D
  9. Single Muslim . Com

    Get in there!
  10. A truly wondrous site, bringing together like minded people for the purposes of matrimony, visas and being burned alive by faulty paraffin stoves.

    If you disbelieve me, cast your eye over a few success stories.

    Here we see Khaled and Sabina. Khaled is smiling because he's a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist who was previously barred from entry to the UK. They can't keep him out now he's got a British wife. Khaled is in for a surprise though when he finally gets Sabina's burkah off on the wedding night and discovers that his 'wife' is actually a hairy arrsed transvestite from Bradford.

    Here is Karwan and his beautiful wife Rahima. With a five o'clock shadow that a Flymo couldn't shift, she's certainly got something that few other girls can offer. Shortly after the marriage ceremony, Karwan spoke through tears of joy to tell us 'Feckin' hell. I've just married Desperate Dan'.
  11. they knew she was a god botherer and put a muslim with her derr to be fair big up hampshire one less muslim :D
    better she was an athesits but give her time :D
  12. Would such a bruhaha have ensued had the foster parent been Muslim and the (Christian) child converted to Islam? I... think... fcuking... not! It'd have been hearty back slaps all 'round and mucho diversity boxes ticked.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The child will be molested by her minister, then kidnapped, raped and set on fire before being stabbed to death by her muslim relatives, and the carer, jobless and homeless will live like a hobo on the streets before spilling too much meths over her string-tied hobo blanket and accidentally burning herself to death inside a p!ss-soaked cardboard box.

    That'll learn 'em to play with religion - it's EVIL!
  14. If the Foster parent can honestly say "I didn't influence the child in anyway", and by the look of it, she tried to keep the girl in her existing faith (which is surely just as bad as facilitating a new faith if the girl wanted to try new faiths?) thenwhat is the problem?

    Key point in the article
    "The girl, who is now 17, was taken into care after being assaulted by a family member, saw baptism "as a washing away of the horrible things she had been through and a symbol of a new start," the woman said."

    Now we don't know what prompted the assault, but maybe the girl has become slightly dischuffed with her religion because of this beating, and has sought a new religion?

    What is wrong with that?

    Or we could cast the foster parent on the pyres of rightousness because of it FFS>
  15. [​IMG]

    I'd do her, do her, wouldn't do her, do her, who hasn't done her ?