Christian Extremists?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Walt_Disney, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Don’t know if anything has been posted on this before, but I thought it was worth a nod.

    I was under the impression that violent religious extremism was more or less non-existent in Christian cultures (since the crusades at least), but browsing a paper I came across the Lord's Resistance Army of Uganda. They have been fighting the government there since the 80's with the aim of establishing a regime based on the Ten Commandments!
    Are there other groups like this?

    Thought it was interesting as since 9/11 the word extremist has been almost synonymous with Islam.

    I'm guessing there are not many Buddhist terrorists though...
  2. NI springs in mind.
  3. Whoopsy Daisy... I'll shut up now.

    They weren't trying to set up Christian law though, that was really the angle.

    Not trying to diminish the sectarian violence in NI, but I think Uganda is on another level, 3 times as many people are being killed as in Iraq every day (according to Oxfam).

    Good point though, schoolboy error!
  4. You should take a look at some of the mad Christian extremists in the US - positively scary. And, by the way I've come across more than a few serious bible bashers in the US military. You know, "Its says so in the bible therefore it is true" types.
  5. The LRA are a unique organisation whose personal savagery and capacity for hatred outrank any Islamic extremist. The difference being that they break all the laws of the ten commandments at whim and are a seperated national organisation, rather than an off-shoot of a "Christian Nationalism" (as compared to the Islamic Nationalism whereby Muslims believe that only Islam should politically govern all Muslims)

    The worst incidents from the LRA include forcing a group of mourners to cook and eat the corpse they were attending the funeral of, forcing at gunpoint groups of children to bite escapee children to death and kidnapping entire villages of children as a recruitment method.

    But they are as yet to committ what could be considered organised international terrorism
  6. Really I think that the conflict in NI is not strictly speaking religious (religion is a cover). The conflict is rather enthnical with deep historical roots. I suppose that there is a lot of atheist-Catholics and atheist-Protestants.

    Another hot-spot is a former Yugoslavia. Religious differencies led to numerous victims. Not only Moslems but Christians (both Catholics and Orthodox) were involved in war crimes.

    Chistians-Maronits in Lebanon give another example of cruelty. Killings in two Palestinian refugees camp are well-known.
  7. Walt.. if you stepped outside your fantasyland castle and travelled a wee bitty west toward the Lone star State and environs you would find among the BibleBelt quite a few adherents to Christianity whose espousal of the ' truth ' of the Good book and it having been set down in stone by God Awmighty hisself, just as unshakable and militant in their belief as any Allah follower...

    check out Mr Dobson and his Family First platform.. for pushing that ' everyone else ' believe and practise what they preach [ or else ] and lobby fiercely for their point of view [ when does advocacy become coercion ? faith in the rightness of your cause tip over into bigoty and denigration of others? ]

    Christian fundamentalists don't need to carry guns and ' recruit ' kids into an army through rape and intimidation.. they use much more sophisticated methods of persuasion and , in many ways have adopted the tactics of their adversaries - er - co-religionists -.. There's all sorts of good stuff to use from Scientologists and othersin espousing with a ' clear ' understanding of what the Lord meant when he said, etc.. and no need to go the whole way over to the kool-aid drinking fringe..

    And they do it openly without being tarred with the ' secret cabal ' label that Catholic adherents to Opus Dei seem to have attracted..[ Dan Brown has a lot to answer for!!.. watch for the protests against the release of Tom Hanks latest flick- the Da Vinci Code ]
  8. Check out the 'left behind' series of American extreme christian fiction, check out how many books have been sold and the on line support / discussion groups that believe the books are a herald of things to come, that Iraq is the start as the bible says....
  9. remember my grans mad friend who was a jehovah witness telling me at the start of granby I was part of the forces of darkness :D
  10. Forces of darkness? Awesome! I wonder if you get a really cool sounding rank like "Stormtrooper".
  11. So...........not quite Methodism as we understand it,but familiar enough to anyone that ever went to Scripture Union at school.
  12. To some people anyone who believes in christianity is an extremist. But perhaps we should keep something in perspective. There are over 1 billion muslim's in the world. If 10% believe in the islam of AQ, Taliban, Hamas ect, that would be over 100 million enemies. If it was just 2% that would be 20 million or more muslim extremists than all the jews on the planet. Radical islamists hate life but love death.
  13. Roketeer,

    The big difference that you are neglecting to mention is that with exceptionally few exceptions, the Christian extremists are not prepared to kill others and/or themselves to carry out "God's will". Show me the Christian women on "FundyTV" saying that they are bringing up their children to become suicide bombers, and that they are extremely proud when their children kill themselves.

    link includes video

    link includes video
  14. stoat:

    agree completely that among the Christian right wing extreme there isn't the overt brainwash promotion of jihad/suicide in such a public manner.. But, those with the rapture sent out to convert the heathen are inculcated with the belief that they must emulate the Saviour and sacrifice themselves for the Lord..the intent is there and indoctrinated into them, but it is a passive responmse.. If I am killed by the unclean I will accept it as the will of God, whereas the Muslim adherents to the cause actively seek such matrydom by strapping on the semtex and heading out to the mall..

    what I was suggesting was, that at the fringes [and, despite all the publicity to their cause, the Muslim 'extemeists' are just that, on the fringe]..both religions call for and expect the ultimate response in the preservation/promotion of the faith.. How many Catholic ' saints' are revered for having given their lives in protection/preservation/promotion of their belief?
  15. Come on you LRA guys, you gotta draft in a good PR person immediately. When you go in for these sort of atrocities, the news management just has to be in place, otherwise you're taking 2 steps back for every three forward, or at best just marking time. I recommend you look to America for tailored guidance. They're the folks with the full portfolio on lies, deceit, murder, cover-ups and hypocrisy on the world-scale. The extremist Christian in you just knows it makes sense.