Christian doctor forced out...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. ... by Muslim colleagues -- who else?

    The Times online

    What is also shocking is that the British Medical Association refused to back his case, and that he had to bring it privately. I wouldn't wish to comment on what would have happened had it been the other way round :evil:
  2. There seems to be something a bit nasty happening at that hospital.

    And the best bit about all of it of course is that the pay out that these guys get at the end is all paid for by that wonderful bottomless pit of money called the tax payer.

    If Dr Erian really was forced out because of his religion then how come the offending parties are still working there?

    Can you imagine the uproar that the media would have made if this case was the other way round.
  3. I didn't find a statement on this case on the BMA website, nor did one come up on Google, but I would certainly be interested to know if one has been issued.

    After all, if he had the facts assembled to win a tribunal settlement, then surely he presented everything he had to the BMA first, as a professional governing body. And they said...what, exactly?
  4. I'd also be interested to see what view the GMC took of the actions of his colleagues. I would have thought that discrimination of this sort could amount to professional misconduct.
  5. Perhaps he was forced out for being an annoying God-bothering nuisance sort of Xian (as many of them are).If that was the case then it doesn't matter if it was muslims,jews or BAAL-SHEMMEROTH cultists who did it :lol:
  6. My wife used to work there and the consultants and their juniors would deliberately talk in an Arabic dialect to exclude her, even when she admitted the patient. This is a growing problem across the NHS.

    ps the BMA are about as much use as APC Glasgow