Christian Campaigner charges dropped

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Well, whether you agree with his sentiments or not, if he was asked to shuffle off and didn't, I can see why the police arrested him for handling anti-gay leaflets at a gay march?! That's like the BNP setting up a stall at the Notting Hill Carnival!
  2. You mean like those arrested for anti western and anti christian protests outside Westminster Cathedral or not as the case maybe.
  3. I seem to remember that those waving nasty posters on the cartoon march were arrested and charged
  4. He (STEPHEN GREEN) is A **** and should be shot
  5. Boll0x. As far as I can recall, we are living in a democracy aren't we? And to compare his views to that of the BNP is at best misguided and at worst, downright provocative. Believe it or not, his views happen to be the views of a good few people in the country, and probably more than the number in the homosexual "community". His views are not inflammatory, and although I wouldn't particularly agree with them, I defend his right to believe in them. It is not as if he is advocating violence is it? It isn't as if he is inciting terrorism either. The heavy handed Police action has served him well, giving his views a far greater hearing than would otherwise have been the case. What ever next ? We will be dragging old men out of conferences for daring to disagree....
  6. Sven: please tell me that you are joking! Almost no-one has been charged and all investigations stopped. Despite cnuts appearing on film, photos, CCTV, etc (even being interviewed by the press) only one was charged as plod decided that it was impossible to tell them apart.
    The one person caught (but was never charged or convicted of anything) was ascum "ex" drug dealer and erstwhile student who was out on licence (his licence was revoked and he went inside for another few months chokey).

    Number of people calling for all infidels and kaffirs to be murdered = 100+
    Number of arrests by plod = 1
    Convictions for actions on the parade = 0

    Well done plod and the CPS.

    No criminal offences were committed in a Muslim protest over the Pope outside Westminster Cathedral, police have decided.

    Sir Ian [Bliar] said that the cathedral authorities had expressed satisfaction with the policing of the event and added: "We are in an angry time and it is our job in the Met to hold the line on free speech."

    Very brave, Sir Ian, very brave.

    I don't agree with Stephen Green's views (or those of any religious nutter to be frank - and I include Anjem Choudhary & the Pope in that), but the police are so, so wrong.
  8. Where do we draw the line? Handing out leaflets during a public gathering which are blatantly contrary to the views of the gathering is liable to provoke confrontation, surely? Whilst I respect everyone's right to express their views, we need to keep a close watch on when and where they express them to ensure that public order is not threatened by their actions.

    This is a very fine line to tread, but to allow anyone to express their opinion at any time and place they wish is liable to end up with anarchy and is open to exploitation by those organisations with nefarious intent (BNP, animal rights etc).
  9. Oh well at least it gave the South Wales Police Minority Support Unit something to do.
  10. I think asking a lone bloke to move along to avoid a breach of the peace i.e. someone smacking him is fair enough
    and if he did'nt take the kindly advice of course he's going to end up at the station
  11. What about the complete opposite - the firemen who refused to hand out leaflets on safety at a gay march and were sent for "compulsory reeducation" - smells a little like Mao's china.
  12. "...worshippers attending the cathedral on September 17 feeling... "intimidated"." (from Telegraph article mentioned above)

    If you stood outside a mosque (sorry - "majid") and protested along these lines against Islam, Officer Dibble would be feeling your collar pronto and the CPS wouldn't hang about either, ensuring - in no uncertain terms - you played "leapfrog with the lifers" in the showers for some considerable time to come (if you excuse the terminology)....
  13. He has the full rights to express Christian values, in a country with a dominant Christian heritage, in a peaceful way. And the police should be protecting his right to freedom of expression also.

    Whether his actions were motivated by a genuine Christian desire to improve the lot of those he was talking to, and saying, look guys, there is a better way to live life, I'm not so sure.

    Christianity is compassionate, radical but not out to make cheap points. It undermines the principles to a large degree.
  14. Hang on. If this guy was just handing out leaflets with no illegal phrases or the like in them then how was he causing a breach of the peace?

    If the sh1tstabbers got irate and started causing aggro then surely the cops should be arresting them?

    If there was a BNP march and a black guy was stood on the side of the road would you expect the cops to arrest him just in case?

    CND/Stop the war march - any squaddies in uniform near the march route get a free trip to the station?

    Freedom and democracy? Seems like this is only an export item now.