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Not many efforts cause me raise a post, in fact this is the first, but it is pretty amazing and struck a chord due to the extent of the challenge and time it will take to complete.

Christian is attempting to walk around Britain, 6500 miles, it will take 18 months. He'll be sleeping rough. It is in aid of H4H and to highlight the plight of homeless ex-soldiers.

You can support Christian, if you wish, by going to the support page I have linked above. It's not just cash, but support as he navigates the coastline.

(Just look on it as an extended cake walk - without the cake - and not so many people).


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He's currently in South East kent near Folkestone, so hopefully I can buy him a beer or two in the next few days when he passes through my way.


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So I missed him then? I'm near Rye East Sussex!
Afraid so. He was there a couple of days ago. He is in Folkestone today I believe.

He has a Facebook Support page:

He also has a Google Map page which shows where he is and where support is offered to him. A long URL I am afraid:,1.381531&spn=0.864113,2.364807

I think he deserves the full support of ARRSE. So please report often as he has another 18 months to go!!!
So I missed him then? I'm near Rye East Sussex!

You are Major Benjy and I claim my £5 pounds! major_benjy_on_location.jpg Regards to Mapp.

Sorry for the minor crayoning Good luck to the lad. Nowhere near the coast so I will send on fiver to H4H.
I thought it would be worthwhile making this a sticky for a while! Good luck Christian


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Day 231 Iwade to Sheerness. We were awake at about 08:30 packed our kit and drove to a nearby roadside breakfast bar, as Dean and Bob had spoke to their Dad Darrell who owns it to do us a breakfast roll each. After breakfast we dropped the car back off at The Woolpack in Iwade then set off. It was another cold morning and I hoped it wouldn't rain because I was worried about Janine. We crossed the bridge over on to the Isle of Sheppey and around to Rushenden through Queensborough and onto Sheerness. We had a look around before carrying on to the Leisure Centre to meet up with Jade who we'd met the night before. When we arrived she made us a brew and gave Lewis from the local paper a ring. Lewis turned up and I did an interview with him. We thanked Jade and popped to a pub. We stayed there for an hour or so then went to a different place that did food. We went to The Royal Hotel, I beat Janine at every game of darts, we had tea and then watched the football. I got chatting to Dave the owner who invited us back in the morning for breakfast. After the game I had spotted a decent bit of grassy area outside the leisure centre to pitch up Janine's tent. It didn't take long to put up and we climbed in for a relatively early night. Thanks for reading xxx
I posted this here, as I hope Christian Nock will see it, I know you lot are sick of the sight of a facking Bergan/Bergen......This is from a forum I use called XLforum which chris is unlikely to see, I hope you can see that the more publicity Chris gets the better it will be for everyone that will benefit, before I get Bar-B-Qued for being a spotter.

Life throws up some surprises now and then. Yesterday While my dad was out walking the dog he got chatting to a lad who was walking with a fully loaded PLCE shortback infantry Bergen.

I was working on my bike replacing the front engine mounts when they turned up. I honestly didn't know what to make of this guy at first but could appreciate how heavy that bergan looked and the weather conditions at the time = respect.

While having a much needed break, We all got talking and Christian explained what he was doing and what he told us was truly mind blowing.

Long story short Christian is walking the entire coastline of the UK without shortcuts estimated to be around 11,000 miles with just what he can carry on his back and sleeping rough every night using that kit.

There is a "help for heroes" website which I will post links at the bottom.

We had a couple of brews and Chris offered to give us a hand with the bike.

I needed the bike upright and gave him the job of sitting on the bike. about 2 hours later (probably the longest time anyone has sat on a Harley Davidson with out the engine running) and after struggling like **** with the right hand side mount, We got the new one in and decided that was enough for the day.

We had a meal and a good chat about reasons why Chris is doing this monumental task after that it was getting a bit late so we offered him the summer house for the night and he accepted.

This morning, After a few pics for the record, he set off for the next stint in his walk in some real nasty weather hoping to meet up with an old buddy.

It's sad that Chris is having to go to these lengths to get his cause recognised, create much needed awareness for homeless people and get something done about the support for Service personnel once they re-join civilian life.

Tools needed for the job

1 X Mk1 British Army Infantry Soldier, a Target and some time.

He has got the hobo lifestyle down to a fine art and everything he carries serves a purpose. The simplicity of his kit is outstanding and he really has got it sorted after 239 days on the trail through just about every weather condition except warm and sunny.

The pack weighs roughly 66 lbs without water and if you have ever walked a fair distance you will know that the Issue short back Bergen without webbing to assist reducing weight on the shoulders, is not a comfortable place but I can see his reasoning for using it.

Anyway I have nothing but respect for what Christian is doing and I really hope that he gets round in good health and achieves his ultimate goal.


Walking the whole British Coastline!/christian.britain.3?fref=ts!/ChristianAroundBritainSupportPage?fref=ts



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Day 257 Woolwich to Tower Bridge. After posting last nights blog I found a doorway to sleep in. I was awake at 06:00. I lay there for half an hour before getting up. By the time I'd packed and headed off it was 07:00. I made my way to McDonalds for a free brew with my stickers. I spent half an hour there then asked a road sweeper guy the best way to get to the marathon start line. A family came up to me who had recognised me and said they'd point me in the right direction. They bought me another coffee at McDonalds and pointed me up the hill from the roundabout at the 3 mile point. I walked up to the start point where I met up with my mate Dan and his family as Stacy his wife was running today. Her start time was at 10:00, we wished her luck then headed down to the Cutty Sark area at the 7 mile point to wave her on. After Stacy came past us, I bid Dan and his family farewell then followed the route to Tower Bridge. The roads were packed with well wishers and battling through the crowds with my berghan on was a nightmare. I eventually reached Tower Bridge which was where I was calling it a day today as I had an escort to get me across the river planned for Monday morning. I had been told by my support team to go to the Union Jack Club in Waterloo as they had a car park organised for me to sleep in. It was another couple of miles and when I arrived I was shocked to find Tracy and Emma of my support team were there. It turned out that they had all checked into a flat apartment of the Union Jack Club thanks to Brian Allen. While I was there even more members of my support team arrived. Zoe, Laura, Bob and Rob. I also met with Dave Dallimer and his family who is the contact for a mounted horse escort across the bridge. A little later Kelly turned up and James the coast guard. We all went for a meal in the restaurant had a couple of drinks and I went to sleep on the balcony outdoors of the 8th floor apartment which had a great view of London. Sorry this blog is late but had a very busy day yesterday. I've got an exciting busy day planned today :) — at Union Jack Club
Chris is currently (08/08/13) just north of Invergordon and has raised over 100k to raise awareness of ex military who are homeless... and believe me there are more in the UK than people realise. He is a nice bloke, I met him a few weeks ago, gave him a lift to his overnight sleeping place. He has had rough times as well as good times. Please share his FB page and donation page with your colleagues. I have registered with this blog as an OAP Granny, to try and get more awareness of his fantastic achievement. He could easy be my Grandson... :) Christian Around Britain Support Team is the best Facebook link, Christian Around Britain is his blog page. It is NOT a religious trek, his name is Christian. Thank you all for reading.

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