Christchurch New Zealand

Discussion in 'Travel' started by target_stop, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Has anyone on here to being Christchurch in the last 6 months?

    Looking at heading to the South Island next month but the more I look in to Christchurch and the earthquake damage the more I'm put off.

    Is there much of a nightlife going on there or should I just head straight to Queenstown?
  2. My neighbours (until quite recently) are from Christchurch. They came over to the UK to work for their company, as the majority of the town was sealed off due to damage.
  3. That's what I keep reading. Lots of portakabin shops and not to much going on. Can't seem to find anything from the last 6 months though. Looking at the damage I can't see to much have been squared in that time.
  4. Most of the pre-quake nightlife areas in Christchurch are still cordoned off, with large buildings being knocked down/collapsing around them. There are a few clubs that have opened to compensate, but really there is very little. Apparently a lot of straight people are hanging around in a popular gay bar because it is one of the nicer places left, which rather annoys the regulars. All in all Christchurch is really not worth visiting at the moment, and probably won't be for the next 10 years.
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  5. Stick to Queenstown.
    ChCh is still shaking, 11,000 EQs/tremors since the big one.
  6. I'm living there right now.The CBD looks like a bomb went of, damaged buildings everywhere, and a lot of work going on.But its quite an isolated area, the rest of the city is getting by as normal. The nightlife still exists but just not in the CBD like it was before.Its still quite a beautiful city, with some nice English type buildings, and nice parks.I've moved here less than a month ago from the North Island, and I'd say it is still worth seeing, different than what it was, but not all destroyed.The areas still the worst affected are residential areas, some are a complete right off, but then the next road over is fine.
  7. Thank you, perfect. So all in all expect a quiet weekend? we are going to a Crusaders game on the Saturday and we were going to stick around for a few more days but by the sounds of it we will just head down to QT earlier then head up to Welly the following weekend.
  8. There is still some quite neat stuff to see hear and could fill in your days hear and the surrounding area.

    Queenstown is very nice, if you can try going to Arrow town and Wanaka also.
  9. dont forget the Dunny!!!

    ....and then head to central Otago. gods zone playground.
  10. When you leave ChCh take state highway 73/77 to Darfield then state highway 72 via the Rakaia Gorge, it's a much prettier route than the boring old drive through the Canterbury plain on state highway 1. When you get to Geraldine take state highway 79 to fairlie then SH8 to lake Tekapo, you are now in Gods zone, the region is called Mackenzie country and is well worth the drive, from lake Tekapo the road takes you to Lake Pukaki with views up to Mt Cook. (if you take a side road called Braemar road this will take you to the edge of the lake and you can drive up towards the base of mt Cook, all the tourist traffic is on the other side of the lake, just keep an eye out for log trucks). Follow SH 8 and either swing into Wanaka and then take the road through Cardrona (the iconic speights hotel) or go to Queenstown via Cromwell.
  11. Lake Pukaki

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  12. Erk, I'm not swimming in that!
  13. Get in ya big gurl! It's only cold for the first half hour
  14. Eww, even worse, I thought it'd be at least body temperature!
  15. Drove through week before last, to be honest I'd say most NZ towns are a pile 'o' shite. Queenstown is pretty nice though.